8 Email Copywriting Tips to Increase your Conversions

As long as the email is precise, on the topic, and has the right amount of pictures added, you should achieve your desired outcome.

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Email marketing is a highly effective method to reach out to the masses. You can carefully compose a message and click the send button, and that’s it. However, effective email copywriting and getting a response from the people reading it is not easy.

To begin with, you need to get people to open your email. Once they do, the email should be interesting enough to maintain the interest of the reader. As a copywriter, you should ensure that you give out enough information that the potential clients want to learn more.

A call to action button is added to promotional emails to help readers reach out for more information. If you write the email well, you are likely going to get the desired response.

In this post, I am going to list valuable email copywriting tips that will leave an impact on your readers. And help you convert more.

1. Know Your Audience

Any communication has a target audience. Therefore, you must be aware of them to establish a better connection when composing an email. The only way the people will listen to you and want to learn more is that they feel associated with you.

You should look to follow these tips to establish a relationship with your readers.

  • Avoiding jargon naturally helps better connect with readers. Heavy technical information makes the reading tough.
  • A simple writing style is also easy to read and leaves a better impact. Most readers connect better this way.
  • Your audience may not include many laymen, but the email should be written in a manner that they too can understand.

2. Understand the Subject

If you want to tell others about something, you should be well at home about it. So when you compose an email about something, your grip on the subject should be firm. You will not be giving out all the information in a single email but just enough to keep the readers hooked. 

If you’re writing an email about courier services, you need to be well aware of their procedures and technical details. This will help you in writing an email that will get the potential clients interested. 

The main aim is to tease the reader with just enough information that they click the call to action button. Of course, the sales angle is always a part of copywriting, but it should not be too obvious. This balance is achieved with writing practice and understanding the subject. 

3. A Catchy Subject

The email’s subject is the first thing a reader will see when it’s dropped into their inbox. It should be meaningful and engaging. There are different types of subject lines which can be separated into categories such as self-interest, quick and easy fixes, curiosity, and scarcity, among others.

The subject type you opt for largely depends on what you plan on putting in the email. The two should have a strong connection. Otherwise, the subject may be reduced to mere click bait. 

4. Structure Your Email Well

Like a subject line, there are numerous ways to construct the body of an email. The approach will vary if you’re pitching a special sale from a local car dealership or a new healthcare facility specializing in treating patients with severe health issues.

Whether you break the news at the top and give the finer details after that, or you opt for a steady buildup to the core message, it is up to you. However, the email must follow a proper structure where every sentence has a connection with the previous one. A haphazard message will never be well received by the readers.  

5. Be Relevant and Sincere

Copywriting is an art where a reasonable amount of information about a product or service is incorporated with a veiled sales pitch that makes the clients want to learn more. The call to action button is right there for the very purpose. However, finding the balance between the sales pitch and information is critical.

  • Your email should not sound overly sales pitch-based. It can be a turnoff for potential clients if they feel you’re pushing them.
  • You should never reveal the entire proposition in one go. The purpose of such emails is to tease the potential client enough to reach out for more information. 

6. Carefully Blend Images In

Images add a lot of value to text as they act as a visual aid. Whether you add them in the background or in between paragraphs of text, it is a great idea to have at least one image in the email.

Images also help in maintaining the focus of the readers. Needless to say that the photos should be relevant to the email and its subject. 

Have a professional  take the pictures for you for a strong impression. However, if there are time or budgetary constraints, you can make use of free stock photos. You will need to go through a few before finding the perfect one that goes well with the email.

7. Keep it Short

If your email is too wordy, people may get distracted and lose interest eventually. So keep your message clean and short. Every word should carry a purpose and meaning. Do not include any unnecessary details that may distract from the core purpose.

As discussed earlier, such emails aim to give enough information that the potential clients want more. Once they click the call to action button and fill in the form, the email has served its purpose. It has generated a new lead that will remain with the company for ages.

8. The Call to Action

The call to action is an essential part, and if the client goes ahead with it, it is a job very well done. The contact us button should be large and loud. There are many word choices when it comes to the call to action. Use the red color if it helps get more clicks on the connection us button.

Just be sure to keep the form short and simple. Typically, clients prefer forms that do not take a long time to fill. Therefore, basic information like name, address, and other contact information with a brief query section is perfect.


Composing an email as a part of reaching out to potential clients is practical and easy to use. It is, however, essential that the email is written in an effective and precise manner. The rules mentioned above are highly effective, and their application can help increase clients’ chances of converting

As long as the email is precise, on the topic, and has the right amount of pictures added, you should achieve your desired outcome.

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