FamilyTime App Review

FamilyTime App Review – Is It a Worthy Parental Control App?

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Parenting in the digital age can be daunting. With so many devices and platforms available to our children, it can be challenging to keep track of what they are doing online and to make sure they are safe. One app that has been gaining traction in recent years is the FamilyTime parental control app, which allows parents to monitor and manage their children’s online activity. In this blog post, we will see what family time app reviews say. We will also discuss Family Time app features to see if it is a worthy parental control app worth downloading and not just another parent control app that does not deliver as promised. 

Family Time App

It is a complete app that does far more than merely tell you where your children are and what they are doing. FamilyTime app can be installed on a child’s device to monitor their online activity. It allows parents to view their child’s activity, set limits on the amount of time they can spend on specific apps, and even block certain apps or websites. 

Features According to Family Time App Reviews

According to Family Time App review, this app offers the following features:

-Location-based reminders

-Social media monitoring


-Text message tracking 

-Phone call tracking 

-Emergency Alerts

-App usage monitoring.

Plus, many more.

How to access Family Time App?

The app is pretty straightforward to use. After downloading and installing it on the child’s device, parents can set up the app by selecting the type of control they want to use. They can then set up rules and limits for each device and set up alerts for when the rules are broken. The app also offers a variety of features, such as setting up a “bedtime” for when the child’s device should be turned off and setting up a “safe zone” where the child cannot access certain apps or websites.

What do Family Time app reviews say about its security?

In terms of security, the FamilyTime app review says it offers a variety of features to keep your child’s device safe. The app allows parents to set up a PIN code to access the app, and it also offers a remote wipe feature that will enable parents to delete all data on the device if it is lost or stolen.

Additionally, the app provides a “Find My Phone” feature that allows parents to locate their child’s device if it is lost or stolen.

What do Family Time App Reviews really say?

Overall, FamilyTime is a helpful app for parents who want to monitor and manage their children’s online activity. The app offers a variety of features that can help parents keep their children safe and give them peace of mind. Apart from that, this app is user-friendly. 

Before jumping to the final conclusion, let’s examine a few pros and cons of using the application.

Pros as of Familytime app review

-Awarded the “Best Parental Control App” at the 2013 iMom Awards

-The Familytime parental control app has a dedicated support team that handles all inquiries and issues.

-The FamilyTime App provides timely reminders to keep parents aware of their child’s activities.

-The FamilyTime parental control app can send reminders via email or text message, making it easy for parents to access this information from any mobile device, including those with a data plan but no WiFi connection.

Cons as of Familytime app review

-It does not come with the free app on Apple and Android devices; you must purchase it separately.

-The app is not free. It costs $3.99 to download, and you must register for a $19 monthly subscription.

The Bottom Line:

-Teens are more likely to listen to their parents if parents take time to trust them, create good communication, and maintain a firm but loving relationship with them. While it may not be perfect for every family, it is undoubtedly a worthy parental control app.

What we like about the familytime parental control app is the ability to view your kids’ social media activity, text messages, and their app usage in real-time, right on your phone or tablet, with no fee or expense beyond the initial application purchase. Texting and calling the child is a welcome addition to any caregiver’s tool kit. The app is easy to use and is a parent’s best friend!

It is a great parenting tool that gives you constant updates on where your child is and allows you to communicate with them and stay in touch.

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