PUBG Taego Secret Room Locations and their Secret Key

The latest updates is a new map (Taego) that has lots of PUBG secret room locations to discover that are packed with unique loot

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PUBG has become a whole gaming universe for gaming lovers with its Battle Royale gaming; many gaming pros agree that PUBG is a real vibe and the most original Battle Royale video game in history. Although many video games have been introduced, but no one can beat the level of PUBG and its popularity. And after PUBG went free to play, it increased its player base. One other reason for its popularity is that one of the developers of PUBG, KRAFTON, has kept players’ interest by consistently releasing new levels to the game.

For producing new ideas, KRAFTON teamed up with different developers to introduce new things in the game, like Black Lagoon or Spider-Man. But, one of the latest updates is a new map (Taego) that has lots of PUBG secret room locations to discover that are packed with unique loot. The challenge is to find those secret rooms first, which is tricky, and then the pubg secret room keys. Players can quickly notice the Taego Secret Room since it all has a beautiful Minhwa (ancient Korean folk art) mural and a waterfall. But, you should be extra cautious while searching the secret room area since it’s also not difficult for other players to camp these doors. While finding these rooms will require some luck and better guidance which we will share with you in this blog.

How many secret rooms are there?

There are approximately 12 PUBG Taego secret rooms to find secret key pubg for, and you can find them all across the map by following the dots to various corners and centers. Their appearance is very much like a typical building for the most of its part; however, you can get an idea of a secret room’s location by the locked doors. You can’t open all the secret room doors at a single match win; there are different levels, stages, and challenges for each one. And not all of them can be accessible during every round. There is a volcano in the center of the map that hides all the other map directions and makes the rounds inaccessible. This means you can use only approach a handful of the taego secret room around the map that will be available for you to raid in a match at that point. You and your teammates will find a massive amount of loots inside these secret rooms, most probably everything that you need to successfully pass through the match.

Taego Secret Room Keys:

It all depends mostly on luck to get inside one of these PUBG Taego secret rooms because you need to find their key first. These secret key pubg will not be found in any specific location on the map but placed in random places like you can find them anywhere during regular scavenging on the map, so if you want to see the taego secret room keys pubg and get inside them, the best way to loot as many buildings as possible because there you will get your next target. You can play several matches before you find one, down to the RNG, but keep on the Pubg lookout.

The easiest way to get into Pubg secret rooms is by adopting some of the sneaky types of tricks. There are 12 secret rooms out there, and at least some of them you found will usually open during the match. So you can wait outside in any of them, you can also try to trap the player who has the key once, and they are here to open the door. You can also wait to let them open the door, so you can sneak inside after them to capture their all loot.

Inside these rooms, you will also find a plethora that is a powerful kind of loot that will let you win games further by providing special weapons, strong armor, excellent attachments, essential health items, and more. The loot you will find inside these rooms is much better than all the loots you can ever find on the entire map, so it’s worth getting into one of these places.


So, by following the most straightforward steps, or you can say tricks to find the taego secret room doors and keys pubg, you will easily be able to pass the levels and get a lot of loot. Just be focused while playing the game, and keep an eye on every door and every player. Because when you find the closed door in a match, that’s most probably the secret room, and that’s the first step you need to pass through, finding the secret room’s door. Once you find the path, there will be a high chance that you are close to opening the door soon and loot all the advantages inside the room.

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