The Social Impact Of Technology In Today’s Era

Technology for social Impact undoubtedly brings so much ease to society, both in personal and professional lives

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There has been rapid growth in technology over the past few decades but there are sevaral social impact of technology as well. wether it’s positive impact or negative.

It plays a significant role in the well-being and success of society. It affects people’s way of living, whether from the educational point of view, communication, daily work management, or dealing with business. It revolves around the 360 degrees of our lives, covering all the major and minor aspects. There is a strong correlation between technology and society; both are interdependent and influence each other. The influence of technology on society works both ways in a good and harmful manner. As much as it benefits society and people, it also ruins society with its destructive social impact of technology.

We, as a society, are drastically dependent on technology for social Impact, all our primary and day-to-day tasks. Technology dependency undoubtedly makes our lives easy, but it makes us effortless people. Now people find ways to compensate for every work through technology, so they don’t have to make much effort. And the truth is that by saving so much time by using these technologies, we spend the saved one also on technology, on our mobile phones, watching documentaries, movies, games, or doing some more online shopping. This never-ending cycle of saving time and spending more on technology somehow affects our lives and health.

Our basic lifestyle is shaped by where we need technology for almost all our needs. But the reflection of extensive use of technology occupied our generation’s minds, and it’s somehow taking the power of innovations from them, except for some who took technology positively. Technology brings a very high responsibility for elders to show their young ones the difference between right and wrong, to keep an eye on them, and to ensure that they are not exploding themselves from harmful technological effects.

As there are many rightly used positive impacts of technology on society, there are some severe ones that not only ruin lives but can cause severe damage to personality, minds, wealth, and health. To bring some of those positive and negative impacts into consideration, we will discuss some in this blog.

Positive Social Impacts of Technology:

–      Education:

The most beneficial and positive social effects of technology social Impact is on Education. It affects the way of learning and makes learning more interactive and collaborative, which helps people engage with new things around the world and learn about them no matter where they live. It brings better access to resources that were not easy to attain some years back. It gives a fast way of learning through online platforms. By making life easier for students in their studies by providing excellent opportunities to them. Learning has become a fun and convenient experience because of these technological advancements.

–      Communication:

The second thing technology social Impact positively is how society interacts with each other and how we communicate with the entire world with the help of technology. It creates many new mediums for people to communicate, e.g., mobile phones, the internet, email, social networks, video calls, group calls, meeting rooms, and many more.

–      Health and Wellness:

The immense contribution of technology is to the health industry. It creates incredible advancements to facilitate many health issues that no one think could have a cure. To make people’s lives safe and healthy, many mobile applications are being developed that provide instant support for any serious health issue. People can easily track their health records from these applications and take preventive measures before facing any bigger health problems.

Negative Social Impacts of Technology:

–      Mental Health:

The most severe issue technology brings to society is social anxiety and mental health. People are drastically becoming homesick and technology for social Impact dependent, making their mental health worse. The fear of communicating with people in the new generation increases that decreasing their opportunities to have a successful life in the future. The technological influence and fake image of society create high self insecurities. Depression and anxiety are becoming major health problems in most people in the current generation.


–      Health Issues:

As technological impacts on society makes life easy, it decreases the physical activities that affect our health. People are not preferring to go out, have fresh air, or do basic tasks by walking. For every small task, we depend on technology. And what could be more funny than this is that to stay healthy, we are also searching for ways on social platforms and doing artificial steps to satisfy our inner selves. But the truth is, that doesn’t count; leave your cell phones, have some time for yourself, and go for morning walks and inhale some fresh air.

–      Cybercrimes:

In today’s technology-driven world, cybercrimes happen every day, where individuals steal a victim’s identity or personal information, such as a Unique ID, a PAN, a Debit Card, etc., and use that information for criminal activity or to commit fraud. These cybercrimes are not only affecting financial loss but also giving major issues in the personal life of people.


Technology for social Impact undoubtedly brings so much ease to society, both in personal and professional lives. But the harmful things attached to it depend on how we use technology. It’s the utmost responsibility of us as a society to save ourselves from the misuse of technology and make it a safe place for our coming generation.

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