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How to Download SWF from URL?

These files can be saved for the future as well, so if, in any case, you want to keep any of those download SWF files

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You have probably viewed an embedded Flash or SWF file when watching any video online or while playing your favourite video game. This appears by the plugins installed into your browsers. For all the files and searches, your web browser showed, downlaod Swf file copy into the computer before displaying that search. These files can be saved for the future as well, so if, in any case, you want to keep any of those SWF files, you can find them in your browser’s files list. 

How to download SWF files from the URL is the actual query many of you want to know about. So the process depends. So the process is different for every browser. You have to follow the further steps depending on your browser. The process is easy for Chrome and Firefox browsers and doesn’t take much time. However, if you are using internet explorer, which not most people use now, it will take a bit longer on that browser. 

Below, we have discussed the process of downloading.swf files so you can easily understand the method. 

Internet Explorer

The process is lengthy if you are using internet explorer, but you will do it quickly with the steps below. The first thing you have for this process is access to your PC’s admin account for it to work.

For Downloading SWF Files:

  • Open the Admin account of your PC
  • Launch the internet explorer
  • Go to the video you are planning to download
  • Now launch the Control Panel of your computer
  • Open file explorer options
  • Now open the view tab
  • Tab to show hidden files and folders
  • Find the Folder and uncheck hide extensions for known filetypes, and hide protected operating system files
  • Now you need to follow this path afterwards: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache
    • After following the above path, you can end up at the cached SWF file.
    • Now you can copy the file to any directory

Google Chrome

To download.swf from website the process is easy and quick if you are using Google chrome. 

All you have to do is:

  • Firstly, you must find and open the flash video on the Chrome browser.
  • Allow the video to load completely.
  • Now select inspect tab from the Context Menu.
  • You will see developer tools in the right-hand corner of your screen or maybe on the left.
  • Find the video file from the code (Press Ctrl + Shift + C to allow the desired option and then go to the video to find the code)
  • Copy and paste the page URL again into the browser and then load the required page
  • After this, the video will be saved in your Downloads Folder.
  • Now save the video anywhere you like once it has been downloaded.

Mozilla Firefox

Download SWF from web site or downloading embedded videos from Mozilla Firefox is the most suitable as it’s the most convenient browser.

Here’s what you need to do to Download SWF:

  • Start Firefox
  • Open the web page in which the SWF File is embedded.
  • By right click open the info section of the view page.
  • Tab the Media button
  • Search for the file code on the page 
  • Click on the file code and then save it anywhere.


How safe is it to download SWF files?

It’s a very common question most people want to know more about, as it is essential that you know the cons and pros of every action, especially if any online platforms surround it. As many viruses and errors can ruin our privacy and systems, it’s essential that you know about them. SWF files may contain malware. The safety depends on the site you are downloading the SWF file from, affecting how safe the embedded video or image is. For a secure process, ensure that the web domain you are downloading the SWF from has a reputed or secure domain. 

How to download .SWF file?

For downloading.SWF file, there are different ways for different browsers. 

What is swf files downloader?

Flash is a professional tool for SWF downloader.

Conclusive Thoughts:

After giving a read to this blog, the process of downloading embedded images or videos from a different web browser will not be an issue for you. However, you will be more practical next time while doing this process as to which browser you can use and not. As for Chrome and Mozilla, it’s the easiest, but you have to make an effort for internet explorer. But as many people generally avoid internet explorer for many obvious reasons, we are hopeful that you will not face any serious confusion while following the steps. 

You can download not only videos but also images, and the process is much easier for images with the comparison to videos. 

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