How to Make Friends List Private On Facebook (iPhone – Android)

You can change the privacy settings of your account easily by following some steps through Facebook settings to make your friendlist private.

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Facebook is one of the most used and famous social media platforms used by a wide range of populations. Through it, people shared their personal information, pictures, daily life, and videos with their Facebook community. It is a reliable communication medium that is being used by millions of people to connect with each other.

The medium is not just limited to sharing but is also a great way of communication. Through Facebook, you can do chatting, video calling, and voice calling. Many people use Facebook for their businesses and availing financial benefits through it. New companies and many renowned ones are also using Facebook for their branding, advertising and sales. 

There were so many drawbacks attached to Facebook features that are one by one taken into consideration by the Facebook makers. Back in the day, people had less privacy on Facebook, all your friends’ lists were shown to all other people on Facebook, and all your posts were for everyone on your friend list. Still, as time passed, Facebook realized that not everything about a person needs to be displayed on the profile. As technology’s harmful side affects people each passing day, it’s crucial to minimize the transparency of your life on social platforms. 

It’s a default feature of Facebook that makes the entire friend list available for everyone to see. But there is a way to restrict your friend list to a small audience. It’s a great way to secure your privacy and decide what you want to share and what not. So, how to make your Facebook friends private? With some accessible settings steps, you can also do that in your Facebook account. You can change the privacy settings of your account easily by following some steps through Facebook settings.

Steps to Make Friend List Private on Facebook:

With the help of these simple steps, you would be able to hide your friend list from other people on Facebook.

  • Firstly, log in to your Facebook account.
  • By successfully logging into the account, you will see the menu in the lower-left corner of your iPhone, and Android users will see it in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the settings icon that is at the top of the menu.
  • Now click on the Privacy Checkup.
  • There you can choose how and who will see what you share.
  • Click to Continue the view of the privacy checkup page.
  • Scroll down to those options.
  • Here you will see who can see your friend list on your profile.
  • Now you can select the option only me from there to hide the list of your friends.
  • If you want to show the list of your friends only to your friend list, you can do that too.

The mentioned steps are the same for both iOS and android.


How to make my friends list private on Facebook?

Through Facebook settings, you can make your friend list private.

How to make mutual friends on Facebook private?

By setting up the list of your friends to ‘Only me’ you can hide your mutual friends.

How to conceal mutual friends on Facebook?

By following the steps in your privacy setting you can hide your list of friends. The feature was not there before but as time passes Facebook ensures the privacy of their users and makes many new updates from profile picture hiding to friends list hiding. That shows that Facebook takes care of the privacy of its users very seriously.


Your privacy is very much important especially when you are using some overly used applications on which different types of people and groups can be in contact with you. Not only yours but the list you are adding to your account is also your responsibility. Many people don’t feel like having many friends on Facebook and that way through their friends they got constant friend requests and messages. For saving yourself and others from these types of unwanted spam it’s recommended to use the privacy benefits of Facebook and other online platforms that are specially designed for you to have a positive and peaceful experience on social media.

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