What is willpower in bitlife?

Are you wondering what is willpower in bitlife? Blife is a popular game in which your choice makes your character’s future in any manner.

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Blife is a popular game in which your choice makes your character’s future in any manner. You must face day-to-day scenarios and decisions where your decision matters a lot. Scenarios in bitlife are becoming awry day by day, and to alter consequences, willpower is there. In bitlife, willpower is considered one of the essential attributes. Depending on stats, Throughout the game, these stats are both hidden and visible.

Along with health and karma, these three stats are the hardest ones to influence. Willpower influences events that are random. But these facts carry weight a lot.

What is willpower in bitlife?

Willpower is the most important aspect of bitlife. The whole game revolves around it. You have several attributes which you can choose for your character. Your character is equipped with attributes, and willpower is one of them. As a crucial attribute, willpower helps overcome any problem faced by an in-game character in daily life.

What does willpower do in bitlife?

The character can easily figure out any dilemma if the value of willpower is higher, for example, If your in-game character is a drink addict throughout their life. If they have high willpower, they can easily diminish such unhealthy or harmful desires. But if they have a low number, they can struggle. In bitlife, measures of willpower are similar to real life. There is a very famous saying that if there is a will, there is a way, and it applies to the willpower we have in bitlife. By doing good deeds, you can increase your willpower in-game. Depending on willpower, the game can become harder or easier for you; many players want to know about this scaled attribute.

Furthermore, if you have more willpower, you will have the opportunity to overcome difficulties. If you have less willpower, it will cause a lot of problems. You might consider lowering or raising your character’s willpower; after reviewing the stats, you can also observe what transpires when it’s a quarter, a half, or even 70% of the bar. You must play around with stars to know how other attributes or willpower affect particular individuals.

In the God mode update, the attribute is a new element of gameplay available. In bit life, God mode enables you to create an extraordinary life by completely customizing your character’s features. Meanwhile, if you use F2P, you can raise your willpower naturally by doing good dead. Remember that you can alter the willpower of every character who is a part of your life. Additionally, these adjustments will affect the circumstances and elements of your existence.

Bit life is currently available on Android, PC platforms, and IOS. It’s a life simulator game.

The Bitlife God mode’s while attribute set:

In bitlife God mode, ten qualities are accessible .following the customization of your character’s physical appearance, you can choose their traits. After personalizing your character’s appearance, the traits will be accessible on the following screen.

The following are the attributes available in bitlife God mode.


When your character goes through a catastrophic or horrific event, this attribute helps in healing. Happiness is the most easily increased trait. However, tragic or terrible events can reduce a character’s happiness to zero.


Increasing your character’s health could take more time. But this doesn’t frequently happen in real life. However, your character will live longer if they have high happiness and good health.


This quality could be more difficult to both increase and decrease. You will earn the academic ribbon if your character has a high IQ. You will be expelled from school and receive the stupid ribbon if your character has a low smart rating. You will also make pure decisions for the rest of your life.


Along with the philosophical issues, your character will receive the parent’s good looks. Any of the prestigious occupations will be yours if your character has high looks at 100%. Their crushes will turn down your character at the school dance if they have poor looks.


This characteristic is related to how well your character performed in school athletics.


Whether you are a high or a low achiever, this quality impacts how well you perform at work or school.


The gender of your character. Whether they are straight, homosexual, or bisexual is indicated by this property.


This characteristic relates to your character’s capacity for procreation or childbearing.


In Bitlife, karma is a factor that determines how well you complete challenges or how long you live, and it may be boosted or diminished by doing good and evil deeds.


As previously established, willpower measures a Bitizen’s capacity to withstand temptation and refrain from engaging in negative behavior.


  • What does willpower mean in bitlife?

It’s a necessary attribute of bitlife’s game character that keeps the character ready to face every situation strongly.

  • Can we play bitlife on Chromebook?

Yes, we can download the app from the play store and use it on the Chromebook.

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