What is Google Skillshop, and is Certification Worth it? (GUIDE 2022)

With Google Skillshop Learn new skills and stay up to date and With its recognition, you will get a better opportunity.

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Google is always trying to bring ease and new things to its users to benefit them. Google Skillshop is one of its unique innovations that significantly impacts all skill learners. With its creative online training program, Google offers various courses that can be learned through this. This platform gives you a chance to have easily accessible learning materials to build your skill set more advanced. It’s the best way to enhance your knowledge and get validation through their Certification. It’s a worthful addition that requires your time and effort if you are serious about your career and its advancement.

There are multiple courses that you can select as per your interest. Also, there is no particular period to complete the Certification; it’s a self-paced course that can be taken per the availability. Each Certification consists of lessons that can be taken with complete concentration to pass the final assessment. If you pass the assessments, the certificate will be awarded to you.

Types of courses offered by Google Skillshop:

Skillshop Google offers a variety of excellent courses in different niches that can be taken as per the interest and requirements.

These are the list of courses provided by Google skill shop:

  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Ads Display Certification.
  • Search Ads Certification.
  • Shopping Ads Certification.
  • Ads Measurement Certification.
  • Ads Video Certification.
  • Ads Apps Certification.

Benefits of Taking Google Skillshop Certification:

Right skill and accessibility give you the right direction in your career and open many useful doors and opportunities for you. Knowledge never goes wasted, so with these certifications, you can avail yourself of the unrecognized benefits from it if you want to succeed and have the motivation to learn new things and keep moving ahead.

Right Career Path:

Many people in their careers face the hardship of deciding the right career path. You must have explicit knowledge of all your options to choose the right direction. Google skillshop is the best way to avail yourself an understanding of all your best options and select the correct path for your career. You can get the Certification and go into the market with proof of your skill. You can link your Certification to your resume.


With hectic routines and studies, it’s tough to take out time for any extra courses. But these online platforms are the best way to avail the knowledge without being bound to attend the classes 70 present attendance. Isn’t it the best thing? You can easily take the courses with ease and availability and can learn a new skill.


Learning is good, but what’s best than validating your learned skill. Google certification gives you the confidence to face the world and show your talent. You must get a certificate with some value in the market, and nothing is more recognizable and reputable than a Google certification.

Enhancement of Skill:

It’s not only about new skills, but you can also enhance your current skill with Google skillshop. It all depends on you whether to achieve more in the current skill or learn something new.

Google Skillshop courses paid or free?

There was a time when Google certifications were paid, and not everyone could easily get them. But ever since Google Academy changed its name, its motive to provide its users and serious learners accessibility to Certification has become the number one thing. Now all the courses on Google skillshop are free and can be taken by anyone.


How to Get a Google Skillshop Certification?

There are some very simple three steps to complete the process and get your Certification done.

●     Register for Skillshop

To start your skillful journey with Google, you must first create an account or log in to Google skillshop. After signing in, you need to complete your profile. Once you set up your profile, you will get the different courses and certifications to choose the one for you. Each program provides details of the lesson, completing hours, skill level, and rating are mentioned. Now you can select the one you want.

●     Prepare for the Exam

After completing the lesson of your desired course, you got the chance to prepare for each lesson. You will easily pass the assessment if you have taken the course practice test with interest and understood the lessons. You can take the practice assessment with each lesson to prepare for the Final Exam. And all the correct and wrong answers will be appeared by the end of these tests.

●     Take the Exam

The final round is to take the exam and get your Certification. The Final Exam will have multiple choice questions, and you will have 75 minutes to complete the exam. The total number of questions in each Certification is between 46 and 50, depending on the Certification. Most of the exams require you to score 80% minimum to pass. The only Google Ads Apps certification requires you to achieve a 70% minimum. You can take the time more than one time but with the period of one day. If you close the test window without completing it, it will automatically generate as Failed. After you complete the exam, you will be taken to the next screen, where you can see whether you have passed the final exam or not. Or you will also receive the email. Once you clear the Final Exam, your Certification will instantly appear on your ‘My Profile’ page with Skillshop.

All your completed certifications are valid for one year, and you must retake the exam to renew it after a year.

Is Google Skillshop Certification Worth it?

The certifications of Google Skillshop are the most recognized and reputable. Once you complete the Certification, you will get the official link or digital copy of your certificate that you can easily use in your resume, LinkedIn, and job posts. With its recognition, you will get a better opportunity.


Ending Remarks:

So if you want to learn new skills and stay updated with market-competitive new things, then Google skillshop is the best platform to avail yourself of the knowledge and the Certification. It’s worth investing your time and efforts.

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