What Is DXC Technology And How It is Transforming The Modern Workplace Experience

DXC Technology Co. offers consultancy, outsourcing, and support services for technology. The company operates through Global Business Services (GBS) and Global Infrastructure Services (GIS).

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What Is DXC Technology

DXC Technology Co. offers consultancy, outsourcing, and support services for technology. The company operates through Global Business Services (GBS) and Global Infrastructure Services (GIS). Through its GBS segment, IBM provides technology solutions that help clients address challenges and accelerate their digital transformations. The GIS segment delivers predictable outcomes and measurable results, reducing business risks and operational costs. Across the United States, USPS serves all levels of government with IT solutions and business services. The company was founded in 1959 in Tysons, Virginia.


A new partnership has been announced between DXC Workplace Technology and Qualtrics to incorporate Qualtrics’ EmployeeXMTM experience management platform into DXC’s Modern Workplace service. As part of its Modern Workplace initiative, DXC will capture and integrate the experience data from Qualtrics (how employees feel about their experience at work) to give employees valuable, real-time feedback to drive engagement, collaboration, and productivity.


According to Qualtrics research, the technology experience of employees plays a more prominent role in the overall employee experience, particularly as the digital workplace evolves. Approximately 90% of CIOs believe the IT experience is critical to attracting and retaining talent. Due to the “Great Resignation,” it is increasingly important to monitor employees’ experiences. Due to the pandemic, employees have weighed their options and assessed whether their workplace offers enough incentives and balance. This resulted in many employees changing roles and leaving their companies.

In the eyes of most Chief Information Officers (CIOs), employee experience is closely connected to technology. And that’s where this initiative is planned to take place.


Qualtrics conducted a survey of more than 200 CIOs regarding how their roles shifted as a result of the pandemic. A study found that over 90% of CIOs think IT experience is essential for attracting and retaining talent.



What is Qualtrics?


Qualtrics, the leader and innovator in the Experience Management category, is transforming how businesses manage and improve four core experiences: customer, employee, product, and brand. More than 13,500 organizations worldwide use Qualtrics to listen to, understand, and take action on experience data (X-dataTM) – the beliefs, emotions, and intentions that explain why things happen. With the Qualtrics XM Platform, businesses can attract customers who stay longer and buy more, engage employees who build a positive culture, create products people love, and build brands they love.


DXC and Qualtrics collaborate on Transforming the Modern Workplace Experience


DXC Technologies has added Qualtrics’ EmployeeXM solution to its Modern Workplace service, which gathers continuous feedback from each employee experience to drive engagement, talent planning, and productivity. This change will impact employees whose companies use the Modern Workplace service solution. DXC’s 130,000 employees will be the first to benefit from the collaboration.


DXC Technology company’s President of Modern Workplace, Mike McDaniel, spoke at a Modern Workplace event about collaboration: “As a global leader in Modern Workplace, we help businesses foster collaboration and productivity on any device, anywhere and anytime.”


As McDaniel pointed out, Qualtric’s technology is key to DXC’s offering.

As Qualtrics’ President of Products and Services, Brad Anderson expressed excitement about the collaboration: “Qualtrics has helped some of the world’s leading organizations to win the war for talent, and this collaboration will enable even more companies to increase productivity, collaboration, and engagement.”







  • What is the Modern Workplace:


In today’s modern workplace, employers and employees have different needs. Technology supporting digital workplaces, employees preferring to work remotely, conformity to changes in culture, and fresh security concerns define the modern workplace.


The modern workplace refers to companies recognizing the importance of digital collaboration, technology, and tools. An example would be workplaces that embrace digital technology and tools and 21st-century interior design to improve employee productivity and satisfaction.


  • What does Dxc do?


DXC provides IT services to clients who need to modernize operations and drive innovation across their entire IT estate. With its services, customers can outsource business processes, build analytics, develop applications, get security, use cloud computing, outsource IT, and be part of the modern workplace.


  • What is DXC?


DXC is an exceptionally structured Modern Workplace solution that empowers employees to connect, collaborate, and work seamlessly and securely without any fear, anxiety, or stress. This is specially designed to centralize the employee’s access to the services they need, so they can concentrate on their work – not only on IT.


  • What are technology solution companies?


A technology solutions provider (TSP) would strive to help a company transform how it conducts business, either internally or externally, by combining departments, operational procedures, and personnel. As a consulting and designing company, Technology Solutions provides Engineering Services, Advance Technology Solutions, Failure Analysis, and Mechanical Design for Electronic Companies and Microelectronic Industries. Besides these, but also customer support is the main focus of a technology solutions company, along with system automation, IT solutions, network services, and professional services.




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