What Does Sent as Text Message Mean – (Full Guide 2022)       

You have already seen the blue-shaded text color “sent as a text message” while texting if you are an iOS user.

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Messages are the instant way to communicate with your loved ones, and almost every other person uses them regularly, but it becomes frustrating sometimes when you want to text someone, and your delivery is failed. The reason clearly can be any of two; one is that you have a low internet connection, and the second is that your phone has some features enabled that you have no idea about.

You have already seen the blue-shaded text color while texting if you are an iO

S user. It’s a very known specification or feature in iOS that everyone is very known of and has seen on a mostly regular basis while using the texting feature. B

ut have you ever noticed a green-shaded color on your text while chatting and using the message applicat

ion? If yes, you should have thought about what this is all about and why it’s sh

owing in your chats. The answer is not that difficult as it’s already written below it, sent as a text message. So the user doesn’t have to f

ace any hurdle in understanding the features. But what is it used for, and what does sending as a text message mean? That’s the real question, and we will discuss it in this blog.


What is a Text Message

A text message is a form of communication through a short alphabetical or numeric exchange of words between two cell phone users through signals or the internet. It is one of the most used and primary features of any mobile phone, either its smartphones or old mobile phones. People mainly use mobile phones to communicate with their loved ones, and messages make communication smooth and easy.

For iPhone users, the text message scenario is a bit different; if you are one of the iPhone users and turn off an iMessage feature, you can easily use the send a text message option further. After this, your text messages will appear as green bubble text.

What is iMessage

iMessages are the feature within the text message in iPhone that connects two iPhone users to share texts, videos, or photos with each other through it. It can be exchanged between iPhone, iPod, Mac, and iPad users. This feature can be used for easy, instant, and convenient communication; you have to make sure you have a good internet connection. iMessages appear as blue bubbles on-screen.

What Does Send as Text Message Mean?

When you cannot see the delivered message check mark on your screen, that clearly means your recipient doesn’t have a strong internet connection. In this condition, iPhone users can turn off their iMessage through settings and can send a text message instead. You can send a text message in which you can add text, images, videos, etc. Sent as a text message implies that you can send a text, video, or picture to the recipient, and they will receive it whenever the Internet connection comes back. This appears as green-shaded text in the chat.

Why Would I Want to Sent as a Text Message?

This becomes necessary to use the other feature while chatting, which is to send a text message when the internet connection is not very strong, and you must urgently connect with the other person. Because clearly, you can’t wait to see if the other person connects with the internet or not or just want to proceed with the discussion. The best thing is that you don’t need an internet connection to use this and connect with anyone.

What Does Sent as a Text Message Mean on iPhone?

If you are a newly transferred iPhone user, you will face many difficulties in understanding its features fully and adjusting to it, as it is tough for android users. One of the confusion is in the text message or iMessage application, where you can see the blue shaded and green shaded text, and you would probably know the science behind it.

When you send or receive a message with the iMessage application on your iPhone, it appears a blue shaded text. However, if you send or receive text via a short messaging service on the phone, then the text you have sent will appear in green.

This setting works when the sender and receiver have internet connectivity and enable the iMessage service.

But if you are unable to send another person iMessage, there are some of the reasons:

  • The chance is that your receiver doesn’t have an internet connection.
  • The receiver has disabled the Imessage functionality
  • Your receiver is an Android user

How do I turn iMessage on or off?

You can easily enable or disable iMessage functionality by going to Settings > Messages and selecting the button next to iMessage at the top of the screen.

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