How to Steal Your Competition’s Backlinks

This is the most hectic thing to rank your website on google Here’s how to steal your competitors’ backlinks

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Do you ever feel discouraged or demoralized due to your competitor?

You are exhausted from your hard work, which goes into vain?

So here let me tell you how you can cop-up with this problem. This is the most hectic thing to rank your website on google as you work almost invest a long time on your website. Before digging into the ranking of the website, let’s resolve the most frequent questions.

What do You lack which Your Competitor is Doing?

The most frequent thing people do is think about ranking; they put their eyes on their competitor’s work. Competitor Backlinks are crucial for ranking purposes. 

What are the Main Points that Need to Consider?

There are two things you need to consider before jumping into your plan. 

  • Number one is who is your best competitor.
  • Number two, how you will utilize your competitor’s backlinks.

How to find your competitor?

There are many tools which can help you to find your competitors. ( These tools are straightforward to use.

Step 1:

 At the search, the domain puts your competitor’s URL. You will find the complete details of your competitor, which include the competitor’s keywords, URL, and it’s ranking. You need to see the section of backlinks where you can easily find the backlinks of your competitor.

Step 2: 

You will find the section where you will have the competitor’s backlinks. Here, you need to consider domain score (1-100) and link type (Visual or text). One thing you need to consider before stealing your competitor’s backlinks. Their website domain should be 50+.

Step 3:

Easy? Now things will be more evident to you, so now try to focus on creating content related to that backlinks and if you work on FAQs for writing the content to make your content more visible. 

After doing that, you need a quick analysis of your work. Simply, you need to focus more on the niche in your product or service that matches your competitor’s links. This will help your affiliated blogs to rank more on google.

Strategy For More Better ranking

There is another fantastic strategy to rank your website. Always remember one thing that to succeed in ranking, you need to follow in the footstep of your competitor. Go to the website and click on the author’s name, which will directly land you on their landing page or LinkedIn. Through this strategy, you can connect to the writer for your blogs to know more about your competitor’s strategy and what he/she used to rank its website in the context of the content. 

Link Your Website with Non-Profits for More Marketing

You all may hear of the process of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), where organizations work on social issues and help people for the sake of humanity. Honestly, this is the best marketing tool where people love to pay. To find a strong backlink, you need to do is that you just attach the campaign of a non-profit organization to your website. This strategy works magically, and here many people are already following the page or that organization which gets the most interest of visitors.

Be with Trend

Your competitors might work off the trend content creation where they work on the latest trend and ease the client’s problem by informing them of the latest and informative content, which lets them reach as many people as possible. 

Productive Reviews of Your Client’s Website

These days brands are doing product marketing where they send products to vloggers and bloggers to review them. If they don’t send them mostly websites, do it for free to attract the readers to stay on the blog. Maybe your competitor is doing the same, and they are reviewing the products which attract the clients to come and read these informative reviews, and maybe someone clicks the link and buy that product. This will increase your visibility toward Google.

Keep Click Up Competitor’s Backlinks

You need to track your competitor’s backlinks by clicking on your competitor’s backlinks by using ahrefs this tool is really helpful for finding and digging out competitor’s backlinks. You can also sponsor the products by using the coupon on your website to get attractive toward clients, or you can hire some influencer marketer who can increase the product reviews of your website and can have a positive impact on your website. The more clicks and visits on your website, the more engagement will be raised:


Stealing your competitor is not a bad thing. You can just track them to get an idea of what they are doing, or as I said earlier, you can follow in their footstep to be at that success which they are enjoying. You can be self-brand, but for the initial process, you really need something to get better day by day. 

At the end of the day, what matters a lot is your creativity and approach toward better ranking. You always need to be very adaptive to rank and always ready to learn something new. Here are more tech blogs you can find on our tech website

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