What Is iCloud Plus? Should You Upgrade From iCloud to iCloud+?

You probably have heard about the iCloud+ as well but are unsure about the differentiation with iCloud and want to know what is icloud+?

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If you are a user of an Apple device, you must be aware of iCloud. You probably have heard about the iCloud+ as well but are unsure about the differentiation with iCloud and want to know what is icloud+?

What is iCloud plus:

iCloud+ is generally a rebranding of the iCloud server with a better and bigger version. It has some new features and extra benefits, so you can’t miss moving from iCloud to iCloud+. It is a paid subscription to Apple’s cloud storage. Apple has already provided its users a 5GB of free iCloud storage, but many people want to have more than that. For all those Apple introduces iCloud+ through that, you can get higher storage. This advancement is newly launched this year and is expected to be implemented by the end of this year with iOS 15.

iCloud+ has all the features iCloud provided previously with many premium benefits. It will include that exceptional Hide my email feature that will be the prominent one. It will also have HomeKit Secure Video support and the vast storage you need for your data.

It doesn’t change its name much because it’s not a different version but a better one than the previous iCloud; it has all the features and trusted benefits like iCloud. It’s just a paid version of the simple iCloud, or you can say that it’s a premium account for iCloud. It’s also reported in Apple’s iOS 15 previews that iCloud+ will come with the custom email domains for iCloud Mail accounts.

iCloud Plus Features:

iCloud Plus will be a newly good storage plan that comes with several great features. Here are the characteristics of iCloud+:

  • iCloud+ Storage plans start with pricing of 50GB available at $0.99 per month. $2.99, 200GB & 2TB options are also available at the start of $9.99 per month.
  • iCloud Private Relay feature will help keep your location private when you browse.
  • Through ‘hide my email,’ you can remove your address & track messages from an email sender, and set up link preview & webpage display. You can also create a new email address for specific contacts or work purposes so that your actual email will remain private.
  • iCloud+ also provides a Family Sharing feature in your storage, allowing users to share their iCloud service with five family members.
  • HomeKit Secure video feature in iCloud+ allows you to link up to 5 or unlimited cameras, depending on your plan.

How is iCloud+ different from iCloud?

Apple’s tagline for iCloud+ as “everything you love about iCloud, with some great new features” perfectly defines the whole scenario of iCloud+. Those who have used iCloud will probably not recognize the difference between both. It’s simply a new name for paid premium iCloud accounts with pricing and storage tiers remaining the same.

iCloud+, however, brings some amendments and new features with the addition of its new name, including mainly four essential updates, Hide My Email and Private Relay features for enhanced privacy, improved HomeKit Secure Video storage, and custom email domains for iCloud Mail.

Should You Upgrade To iCloud+? How to upgrade to iCloud plus?

If you are still confused, is iCloud plus worth it. The answer to this is definitely yes, for those who want to spend more than 5 GB and have wanted to use and store data without fear of storage full or periodically deleting the previous data. People are moving their businesses and essential work on their phones now, and better storage is a need of time. Everyone requires a better storage option of at least 50GB. And for that, you should upgrade iCloud. The iCloud plus price is also not too high; it has different tiers that you can consider. Even 200GB of iCloud+ is worth purchasing if you have so much work or data to store on your mobile phone.

It’s recommended to move your subscriptions to iCloud plus, have more extensive, and think more oversized with great storage. Not only you but your family can also accommodate your package. If currently, you are using an alternative to store your data and transfer the data every time to your system to make storage in your iPhone, then now you are free to use as much storage as you want at affordable prices. I also recommend HideMyEmail & Private Relay, two good services to maintain your privacy online.


Apple never missed a chance to benefit its users with significant initiatives, and that’s its biggest strength, Customer Satisfaction. On the initial day, Apple service was offered for free to all users, and iCloud was a significant addition to Apple’s software suite. But now, with iCloud Plus, Apple has purified its technology with a better cloud service that obtains users more possibilities to back up their data and a few other perks. So should you upgrade to iCloud Plus? It’s up to you to decide, but you should be aware of the pros and cons before making a decision.

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