Top SEO Trends in 2023 – Ultimate Guide

why SEO Trend is so important. It is essential as google is more concerned about its user’s ease which is completed by the trends in SEO.

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Before knowing the tool of SEO, we must know about SEO. 

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization, which increases your website’s organic traffic and helps your website rank.

How SEO works?

SEO increases organic traffic through different channels. For like, you must write user-friendly content and have backlinks to increase traffic. The keywords also play a vital role in the optimization of your page.

What does Google say About SEO?

Google does instruct the website to be user-friendly, and according to google instructions, a website should be helpful for its readers. Google algorithm works in a way that it searches the most researched words and tries to give the user the best out of it. About 90% of websites get ranked due to being SEO friendly.

What Is Trend in SEO and How Does Google See It?

There are trends which change time, and when it comes to Google, it works as the latest trend will help your website to rank on Google. Google see your website as the most searched and liked website among people, and after that, it prioritizes your content on its page to make it more visible among people. How do the trends change? This is the big question; stats say that about 85% of people start searching on voicemails. They didn’t go for written content in 2021, it was 55%, but in 2022 it became 85%. Quite Amazing; google loves to show the answer given in voice. Video of any content also plays a crucial role in building your website image in front of Google.

Now you may find out what SEO is and how things revolve around google.

Major SEO Trend In 2023

2023 will be again a productive and adaptive year for everyone. You can expect changes in its trends, and we love to show you those trends to help you in your struggle toward ranking:

TikTok SEO

Yes, you heard right TikTok SEO. TikTok is the only company which get popular among people so far and has left Instagram behind. According to the research, about 1.534 billion people are using TikTok, and 1 billion are active users, which will increase in 2023.

Tiktok is the only hype-creating app which gets popular among people in a brief time span. According to the stats, 60% of people are attracted to TikTok for search purposes which makes it an attractive point for people in the market. Now the question arises. 

How to do tiktok SEO? 

#Hashtags Play Vital Role

The most trending thing on TikTok is the hashtag, and people use a lot of hashtags to reach more audiences. The more you use hashtags, and relevant hashtags with relevant keywords will help you to get more attention.

Hashtags connect people with the same interest and specify the niche.

Videos With Relevant Keywords and niche

Try to make videos with relevant keywords. You must use relevant keywords in the description and hashtags. 

You must make a video according to your niche or product. All your content should revolve around your product or services. Those who are new to this platform for marketing must understand one thing that tries to keep things simple and informative for visitors. That tip will help you rank your video.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

The most discussed topic these days but in the future is AI. According to the news about 15.8billion U.S dollars was estimated for Artificial intelligence research, and in upcoming years it will increase more. 

You can make things on automation by creating a dashboard. To learn about SEO tools for small businesses, take a glance at it.

Know your Target Audience

Always create content before knowing the audience. For example, you can’t write the same product description for men and women. There are some products which are similar to it, but you can’t make both things the same. This will affect your market image and profitability.

Content is king

Whatever you do for SEO, even a lot of research or back-end work, at the end of the day, your content is king. Your content proves how people love you, the magic of your words and love to read the information you put on, following things to remember before writing user-free content.

Simple Content

Your content doesn’t need a Harvard English or any difficult synonym word. Worldwide, people are looking at your website for their queries, so write in a simple way that it becomes more understandable for people and their answers for which they visit your website:

Relevant Keyword in Content

In your content, if you use the relevant keywords which mostly people search. Then your content will be searched multiple times.

Backlinks in Content

Backlinks also play a crucial role in the ranking of content. If your content has backlinks, people will click those for further information, and this will increase your website traffic.


Always remember one thing, whenever you try to help people through your content, whether it’s a video or audio or written format. If it allows the user, your website will automatically be ranked. So, try to be on trends and work more on making informative or helpful content. Many will ask why SEO Trend is so important. It is essential as google is more concerned about its user’s ease which is completed by the trends in SEO.

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