Top Reasons Why The iPhone Sucks

It’s indeed said that All that glitters is not gold. The hype is not valid for many users, and it’s not exaggerating that iPhones Suck.

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It’s indeed said that All that glitters is not gold. When we hear the word iPhone, the first impression that comes to our mind is ‘Classy’ ‘Expensive’ and ‘Trending’, but the reality is slightly different to these things. The hype is not valid for many users, and it’s not exaggerating that iPhones Suck.

An exceptional smartphone that works properly has all the features that do everything for you; in short, it doesn’t exist. But Apple wants its users to believe they have the best phone in the universe. They want us to feel that iPhone is more than a smartphone, and we all should see it as a symbol of fashion, trend, and high-tech gadget that everyone wants, but honestly, iPhone is not even a smartphone properly. It has many downfalls that make it the least demandable in the coming years.

There is a list of things that are completely lacking in the iPhone and making it the worst mobile phone. We have gathered this list of issues from the people who have used iPhones and have faced these issues.

  • Everything is paid, except for some applications, every app in the app store is required money.
  • Worst battery life
  • Website pages can’t be saved for offline use like on android phones.
  • Weak or low-quality speakers
  • No feature of voice dialling
  • You can’t BlueTooth
  • Doesn’t support landscape mode in applications.
  • No hardware keyboard is available.
  • You can’t cut or paste anything from one place to another.
  • Can’t use a different charger.
  • You can’t change the battery
  • Two-year commitment required with carrier
  • No tethering allowed
  • No MMS feature
  • No webcam integration
  • Delay in new voicemail notification
  • No full-screen view in the browser
  • Notes feature is suck
  • Facetime Icon missing issue
  • Adding new contacts is annoying

After having a sneak peek of issues that makes iPhone Sucks. Let’s get into the detail over view of some of the major issues users have faced while using iPhone.

1. File transfer & mass storage

Smartphones make file transfer very easy with a simple drag and drop function from the mobile to the computer and vice-versa, but with iPhone, the easy task is way too different. Every little thing must be done through iTunes, and not only this, the other system where you are transferring should have iTunes as well.

2. Expensive and over-priced

iPhone isn’t affordable and considered the most expensive, And it’s not that it deserves to be over-priced, but it sells like that. When most companies launch new phones, they drop the prices, but this is not t case here.

3. Media Support

With the iPhone’s default video player, you’re just capable of seeing MP4 videos. You can’t have the authority to download a video from the internet and watch it on your device without going through the pain of converting to MP4 on a PC and synchronizing through iTunes. I know certain apps play other video formats, but this could be default without any third-party application.

5. Customization

It’s impossible to modify or customize the iPhone OS unless you jailbreak it. This jailbreak process gives some users a bit of freedom. But iPhone doesn’t let its users to have this freedom fully and make this process a big failure and complicated.

6. Limited devices

It’s almost a number of models available on the iPhone. No new updates with new launch available and even iOS is getting old in it. They say that they have the best variety and solution for everything but it’s clearly not the case. With some basic changes they are launching new series that has nothing to do with innovation.

7. Universal Chargers

New android phones and almost all old ones have just one or two types of charging sockets and can be used on different chargers. But on iPhone, all the chargers are unique and can’t be used easily by others.

8. Innovation

iPhone just working on its OS and that too is not fully satisfied,  with some tweaks they launch almost all the mobile phones similarly. Also the iPhone repair service is the difficult part to cop up with.


For all the above reasons, We are not comparing any other phone with iPhone and not giving our final verdict. But after many considerable issues by many iPhone users, we are compiling this blog. It’s also not deniable that the iPhone has the largest mobile market, and its used to users are not ready to replace it with android after having all the issues with it. But those people who tried to move from the best android to iPhone are unhappy and don’t want to continue their journey with it.

It also can’t be denied that the iPhone‘s past innovations were commendable. Still, the high competition they’re facing now should make them step up their game and give consumers what the consumers want, not what Apple thinks they want. I’m sure a survey should help the new buyers.

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