Best p2p4u alternatives To Watch Sports Online

This blog is for you; if you are looking for a list of 5 live stream p2p4u alternatives for watching live sports online

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This blog is for you; if you are looking for a list of 5 live stream p2p4u alternatives for watching live sports online. You will also find a brief detail of sites like P2P4u and how it differs. I hope this will make your search for the next great video streaming site much easier.

What is p2p4u? is a website that helps you watch live sports online. It is essentially similar to many other streaming video sites on the Internet, but it is one of the more unique. Instead of paying subscription fees, you can watch almost any sport without extra cost. All you need to do is sign-up for an account and personal information. Once you have completed that step, you will have access to all of the videos on the site — though this will depend on what they have available at that time. Viewers also have the option of rating the videos. This is helpful for others because it shows them what is worth watching and what is not.

Unfortunately, about a month or so ago, p2p4u was shut down. It is unclear exactly why this happened, but it might be related to some copyright issues with NBA games that were hosted on their site.

The Top five live stream p2p4u alternatives for Watching Sports

Now that you know what is, it is time to give you a list of some sites like p2p4u. Here are your top five picks:


Sony Liv is one of your best p2p4u net alternatives for a streaming service to watch football matches. This website offers free high-definition streaming options. You can also watch tennis, cricket, the UFC, MotoGP, WWE, and the NBA, via Sony Liv. If your country’s Internet is unavailable, you may require a VPN to change your digital location.

Sony Liv includes premium packages with movie channels and other entertainment options in addition to sports sources. You can also use the platform on your Android or iOS device by installing the appropriate app.

The only drawback of Sony Liv is that the majority of the available content is from India. It causes some issues regarding understanding the language.

2.    ESPN

If you are a sports fan, you have probably heard of ESPN. WatchESPN is a sports website created for sports fans. The website provides sports matches for people in the United States. Furthermore, it is intended for viewing US sports games. However, do not worry. A complete summary and match results are available as news from the site’s top menu. Apps for Android and iPhone are available on the website. As a result, its viewers will never miss a game.

3.    The BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer is a streaming website that allows you to watch matches from the United Kingdom. You can also access the streams through a VPN to connect from your country to a server in the United Kingdom. Once you have streaming service access, you can watch live sports using the iPlayer platform.

iPlayer is a perfect p2p4u American football, p2p4u cricket alternative. You can watch soccer, golf, cricket, cycling, and basketball.

Championships, highlights shows, and other special events are also available. They are all organized by category.

You can watch the streaming in high definition if it was recorded in that resolution. There is a 4K streaming option, but it is limited to exclusive iPlayer streams. However, some users have complained that if the internet speed drops a little, the stream’s video quality has a hard time staying consistent in high definition. The ad-free streaming service is available on a variety of platforms.

4.    Buffstreams

Buffstreams is a live stream p2p4u net alternative that offers free sports streams. The website prioritizes usability and dependability for its users, providing them with a quick and simple interface to find what they are looking for.

Basketball, soccer, American football, hockey, baseball, motorsports, UFC, WWE, boxing, tennis, golf, rugby, darts, and AFL, are among the sports available on this website. Buffstreams also includes several quick search buttons to help you find streams faster. These include “live now,” “coming soon,” “NFL,” “NBA,” “MLB,” and “NHL.”

All of the streams are free in standard definition. You can stream in HD, but some links require you to sign up for an account before you can begin streaming. You should have no trouble watching the games in your browser, depending on your internet connection and speed. There is also a chat window to interact with other people watching the game.

5.    LAOLA1TV

This p2p4u American football and p2p4u cricket alternative can provide you with various TV streaming sites to choose from. One of the website’s advantages is that it is not restricted to most countries, including India and Pakistan.

They change their domain address every few months because of legal issues. However, LAOLA1 is a fantastic, ad-free site where pop-up ads can easily stream any sport without being interrupted.


We are confident that the sites like p2p4u listed above are the best p2p4u alternatives. You may have a hectic schedule and have no time to sit in front of the television. These websites can now assist you in watching the game you missed on tv., in my opinion, comes first among these five websites. Users are drawn to its organization, audio and video quality, analysis, massive sports lists, and other features. You are free to try all the websites on the list and keep up with technological progress.

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