What Is the i Icon on the Apple Watch

On pairing of your iWatch you may see another i icon on your watch this icon will help you to find Apple watch app on your phone.

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Undoubtedly iPhone is a sign of luxury. If I say people become addicted after using it so its true. You will be shocked after knowing this that more than 1.2billion people are using iPhone worldwide. People have another level of crave for this phone. Only in 2022 around 57 million iPhones were sold.


Why People Love This product?


Yes, people love Apple products. The main reason behind is their upgrading policy. Apple products upgrade each time with new features, and they get better time to time.


It was so clear that after the Nokia’s hype people want something new, so Apple combine computer, digital camera, iPod and digital watch in one device with touch screen which was all fruits in one plater for people. Now you may feel curious about somethings like “i” icon on iPhone.


What’s the i icon on apple watch.


You might think about this, that what’s that i icon on apple watch? Let me tell you “ i “ stands for Information. This means your watch can pair/repair with other accessories. Like apple watch and phone and world knows that how secure their data system is, which means that your data is safe and secure.

Where is the i icon on an apple watch


The i icon is always present on the right corner of the watch. For this, wear the apple watch and click to pair it you will see the i icon for pairing.



How to Pair your watch?


This is the simplest process. Those who don’t know about the process so here is the simple guide about it.


Put the watch, turn on your apple watch through side button and put your iPhone near the watch and pair through i icon. Then follow the instructions your watch shows.


How to Unpair your watch?


Its easier than to pair your iWatch. Tap to settings then go to general option then go toward reset and then erase all the content and settings.



How Re-pair Your watch Using the i Icon?


This is also the process through which you can Re-pair your watch by using i icon. Before starting the re-pairing consider the language first. Change the language according to your interest.

On Phone: On your iPhone tap the Pair Apple watch Manually.

On iWatch: On iWatch tap the i icon on your watch.

Enter the numbers from your watch to the phone. Through this your iWatch will be connected to you iPhone.


Apple products are not just hyping around us but are also demanded and deserve to be encourage as they maintain their reputation in market since many years. Now you will understand the simple tactic of connecting iWatch with iPhone. This will also help you to know about the i icon.

Tip For You…

On pairing of your iWatch you may see another i icon on your watch this icon will help you to find Apple watch app on your phone.

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