How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone from a Mac or PC (Updated 2022)

MP3 is one of the most popular audio file formats for streaming, listening, and saving content such as music, podcasts, recordings, audiobooks, and more.

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MP3 is one of the most popular audio file formats for streaming, listening, and saving content such as music, podcasts, recordings, audiobooks, and more. People, especially youngsters, cannot live without listening to new trending music while traveling, working, or in gyms, and carrying an MP3 and your phone may look a little cumbersome. Instead of transferring MP3 tracks to your iPhone, why not share them with your iPod? And carry one thing at a time without any difficulty.


Audio files can be downloaded from Amazon, iTunes, or even directly from your computer. When you have an iPhone, you can listen to your favorite songs from your MP3. However, transferring MP3 to iPhone can be done in various ways. This is what we will discuss today. Here are some effective methods for moving MP3 tracks to your iPhone easily using your Mac or PC.


How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone with iTunes/Finder

For most people, iTunes or Finder is the perfect way to share music between a computer and iOS devices because it is free and doesn’t require any third-party software. However, iTunes does not qualify as a viable solution for some people due to these reasons:

  • Your iPhone’s existing songs will be replaced with the synced songs
  • Unknown errors may prevent some items from syncing in the iTunes library
  • iTunes sync settings are incorrectly configured


If you really don’t want to lose existing music on your iPhone, skip to Part 2 to add MP3s to your iPhone without erasing them. Here are two options if you prefer iTunes (or the Finder on your Mac). Depending on your system, you should choose one of these options.


If you’re using a PC:

The first step: Install the updated version of iTunes on your computer after connecting your iPhone.

The second step: If your iPhone asks you to trust this computer, tap “Trust This Computer.”.

The third step: Click the device icon in the upper left corner of iTunes after it detects your device.

The fourth step: Check the box next to “Sync” under “Music” in the Settings section. The button below allows you to choose whether or not to sync videos and voice memos. Click “Apply” after selecting the right option for your needs.


If you’re using a Mac:

The first step: Start Finder and connect the iPhone to the Mac with a USB cable.

The second step: Switch to the “Music” tab in Finder by clicking your device.

The third step: You can choose to sync the entire music library or only select items by checking “Sync music onto [your iPhone].”

The fourth step: To add music to your iPhone, check the MP3 files you want to transfer and click “Apply.”


How to Put MP3 on iPhone with Music App on Mac

Mac users have an additional transfer option – they can use the Music app for Mac to copy music from Mac to iPhone. Apple Music subscribers don’t need to sync music since iCloud does this manually.


The first step: Launch Apple Music on your Mac after connecting your iPhone.

The second step is: Trust the computer and unlock the iPhone.

The third step: Ensure that the Mac recognizes your iPhone. Go to Apple Music’s “Songs” tab.

The fourth step: Choose the MP3 files you want to put on your iPhone. Once you have selected the items, drag them to your iOS device and drop them there.



How to Save MP3 to iPhone with Dropbox

The popularity of cloud storage services is undeniable. By providing music streaming services, such services enable you to enjoy music without downloading the files and sharing files between devices. Thus, cloud-based services such as Dropbox, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music can be used to transfer MP3 files to your iPhone from another device, such as a computer or mobile device. As an example, let’s use Dropbox. Dropbox can be used to add music to iPhone:


The first step: Sign in with the same Dropbox account on both devices.

The second step: The MP3 files should be uploaded from the source device to Dropbox.

The third step: Dropbox will appear on your iPhone once you open it. Depending on your needs, you can access and download them to your iPhone.




Ending Note:

Now you know how to add music to your iPhone. These methods allow you to put audio files in other formats on your iPhone or an iPad/iPod Touch. You can quickly transfer music to your iPhone by following one of the tips above.


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