How to SS on Mac – MacBook Air and Pro (7 EASY Methods)

We will teach you how to take a screenshot on MacBook Air or Pro without using that darn Print Screen button!

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If you are a Mac user, you know the pain of using Print Screen button on your keyboard and pasting it into Paint. Well, that is about to change. We will teach you how to take a screenshot on MacBook Air or Pro without using that darn Print Screen button!

Apart from that print screen button, we all love to use the terminal, but that’s not always necessary. Mac includes a few SS tools that you can use in the Finder and Desktop environments.

It is not uncommon to discover that you do not know how to take a screenshot on MacBook air or how to crop a screenshot on MacBook air.

Although the MacBook Air & Pro have undergone significant changes, capturing a screenshot is still possible. Many individuals are unaware of the tips and methods that might help them become expert users.

We’ve compiled seven methods for holding down control and command in different situations. There is no reason why any power user should have to print screen anymore!

Mac Devices Screenshot

Before we discuss how to ss on a MacBook Air, let’s discuss a snapshot of Mac devices.

On Apple devices, there is no dedicated button for printing screens. There is, however, a menu offered. Apple revolutionized Mac snapshot capabilities with the release of macOS Mojave, which included several changes.

It added a single command that opened a screenshot menu. All you have to do is learn that command to make screenshotting easier.

There are just five choices for taking a screenshot on an Apple device. Aside from that, most individuals prefer to take ss on their MacBook Air or MacBook Pro using a third-party app.

How to take a screenshot on MacBook Air & Pro

The fundamental techniques to take screenshot on MacBook Pro and Air are as follows.

1.    Screenshot from Menu

Press command+ shift +5 to expand the screenshot menu. To screenshot on MacBook Air, you must complete the following steps in this menu.

This technique not only allows you to take a screenshot but also allows you to customize it with text, emojis, or shapes.

You will first capture the full screen and a piece of the screen. You may also record the entire screen or a portion of it. You’ll notice choices for storing the screenshot on the right side of your MacBook screen.

2.    The Mac’s Default Screenshot Shortcut

One of the quickest ways to take screenshot on MacBook Pro is to hit command+ shift +4 simultaneously. Then, move the cursor over the area you want to capture.

Once you’ve picked the required area, you’ll either click the mouse button or hit enter. The snapshot will be saved to your Mac HD pictures screenshot folder.

You can transfer the screenshot on your Mac to a different area, just like you do on your Windows desktop.

3.    Mac Screenshot Shortcut to Capture a Video

All you have to do to take video recordings is press command+ shift +5. Some icons will appear.

The fourth icon allows you to make a screenshot of the entire screen, while the fifth allows you to record a video of a screen part.

4.    Print Screen on Mac 

You may take a screenshot of the entire screen by simultaneously hitting the command plus shift +3 buttons.

The screenshot will display as a png file, which you may rename afterward. You may access and edit the screenshot by double-clicking it.

5.    Touch Bar on Mac 

If you’re used to taking screenshots with a button on your Windows desktop. You desire the same in your Mac. You can take screenshots on your MacBook using an optional dedicated button.

All you need to do is go to the access system options (keyboard), and click on the configure control strip. Choose the placement of the screenshot button on the Touch Bar, and then save the modifications.

Using this simple process, you can take a screenshot with the Touch Bar whenever you want. When you click the snapshot button, a screen capture option will appear. You may even change the saving folder if you like.

6.    Preview on a MacBook

This is a simple method for taking screenshots on a MacBook. Go to the preview menu and look for a photo with an hourglass. Click on it. When you get the file in the menu bar, a pop to take a screenshot will appear.

Using the preview option, you may also add text, emoji, or stickers to your snapshot.

7.    Third-party Screenshot Applications for the Mac

You don’t find it intriguing even after following the fundamental procedures for getting a screenshot on Mac. The final alternative is to install third-party tools that allow you to capture screenshots effortlessly, store them, and modify them.

The third-party software listed below takes better screenshots on your Mac devices;

  • Shottr
  • Snagit
  • Monosnap
  • Skitch

Final Thoughts:

There are several ways to take screenshot on MacBook Air. You can opt between the built-in features on your MacBook or downloading a third-party app from the App Store.

The rest is the same; you may store them in whatever location you want, rename them, and modify them.

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