How to View Private Twitter Account & Protected Tweets    

Twitter is a universal platform for connecting with people, so now the question is How to see the private Twitter account and its tweets.

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Twitter is a universal platform for connecting with people from different backgrounds. It’s one of the most authentic social media sites used by many officials making it more worthy of all other social media platforms. It gives an excellent opportunity to many to keep themselves updated with news, trends, and technology.

With all the other great features, it has one Protected account feature that doesn’t let anyone see your tweets or can’t even retweet them. But it creates curiosity whenever any protected accounts come infront. At times users don’t feel like sharing their personal opinions and tweets with a large group of people to limit their privacy. It’s undoubtedly the personal choice of anyone to make their tweets and accounts private, but still, there is a want to track or see the protected tweets of someone to see what they are even posting and talking about. So now the question is How to see the private Twitter account and its tweets.

Private Twitter Account:

Twitter users have a decision authority to make their tweets private or public; they can choose either way as per their interest in interacting with new people or not.

As per twitter’s default setting, when you sign up for the first time on Twitter, your accounts and all your tweets are set to public, and anyone on Twitter can see, retweet, and interact with your tweets. when you sign up for Twitter

But it depends on you after some time or just after creating your account if you want to change your account setting from public to private to protect your privacy and tweets. And for that purpose, you must go into the setting again and follow some simple steps:

  • Open your Twitter account setting.
  • Look for the Discoverability section in the setting. In that, you can choose whether other users can find you on Twitter through your email id or contact number.
  • In the Account Privacy section, you can see the option to select and change your account as Personal if it’s Public before.
  • Enable that option to switch to Private Twitter.

After following the steps, all your current followers will be just able to see your future tweets and actions. All the new followers will only get to see your tweets when they send you to follow request and you approve them in person.

Who is Eligible to see Tweets?

Unfortunately, all the tweets of protected accounts can’t be seen by all the Twitter members because when the user sets their accounts to Private, they will only allow some of the group of their own choice to see their tweets. The listed ones are the eligible ones to see the protected tweets:

  • Public Tweets: Everyone can view Public Tweets; this does not necessarily require having a Twitter account or following that particular person to see their tweets.
  • Protected Tweets: Only Twitter followers can view the Tweets once the account is converted to Private Twitter. No new follower is allowed to Re-tweet, although your followers may take a screenshot of it to share your Tweets with others.

What happens when you Protect your Tweets?

When you convert your public account to private or make a personal account on Twitter, you will be able to have the following perks:

  1. You will get a follow request each time new users want to follow you, and you will have the authority to approve or reject them.
  2. Your followers will not allow to Re-tweet any of your Tweets or posts.
  3. Your Tweets will never be visible to any third-party search engine ether.
  4. Your protected Tweets can’t be displayed to anyone, and your privacy will be maintained.

How to View Private Twitter Account?

There are indeed some ways to see the private Twitter tweets and profiles.

  1. Send Follow Request

As per Twitter’s privacy policy, you will not be able to see the private accounts’ tweets, so it’s apparent that you have to send them a follow request if you want to know what they are talking about in their tweets and what are their opinions.


  1. Look for the Tweets from Google

It’s the default mechanism of Twitter or search engines that whatever is posted on Twitter will automatically generate and link to Google. So there is the possibility that the tweets you are searching for can be found on Google. The research is required. You should know the user’s name, location, or keywords.


  1. Use Third-Party Application

The other way to view private Twitter is to use the third-party application available to complete this task. Multiple apps are available to help you see the protected tweets if you are curious to know someone’s tweets. You can use CrowdFire, a Twitter Account Viewer widely used for seeing protected tweets.

Here’s the process to view Private Twitter using CrowdFire:

  • Navigate to the CrowdFire tool page.
  • Click on the ‘Get Started’ option.
  • Sign in with Twitter and log in to the application using your Twitter account.
  • Now go to the search bar and search for the account you want to view.


  • How to see private twitter accounts 2021?

Using online tools or sending a follower request to the person can get you see the private account.

  • How to make your twitter public?

By going into the accounts setting where you can switch the account from private to public.

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