How to refund a game on PS4 and PS5

Before we go into nitty-gritty details on how to refund a game on ps4 & PS5, the first question is, how to refund games on ps4 & PS5?

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If you have been waiting for a game to go on sale, but it never happens, you feel like it is too late to refund ps4 game. Here are some quick steps that may help if this problem has ever come up before.

Before we go into nitty-gritty details on how to refund a game on ps4 & PS5, the first question is, can you refund games on ps4 & PS5?

Technically, you will not be refunded for a digital game you have already played or downloaded unless the content is defective. This is usually at the decision of PlayStation Support — and whether or not the game is laden with bugs.

Knowing how to get a refund on PS4 & PS5 game is more complicated than simply selecting it from the PlayStation menu. You will need to contact PlayStation Support for assistance. Remember that refunds are granted case-by-case; even if you have begun playing something, a representative may give you a refund if you explain the situation.

Still, can you refund games on ps4? If you buy a game and decide you do not want it, you have a time of 14 days to request a refund. Here is a quick guide to refunding a PS4 or PS5 game.

How to refund a game on ps4 & PS 5

We have made it simple for you to learn how to get a refund on ps4 & PS5 through these simple steps.

  1. To start with how to refund a game on ps4 & PS5, you should first navigate to
  2. Choose whether you want to refund PS4 games, subscriptions, or preorders.
  3. Contact PlayStation Support should be selected.
  4. Choose PS Store & Refunds.
  5. Certain PlayStation Store refunds are available.
  6. Choose Live chat.
  7. Enter your first and last names, followed by the Start Chatting button.
  8. You will first interact with a chatbot, which will ask if you own the PSN account that was charged. Choose Yes.
  9. Choose the type of content to refund.
  10. Choose the reason for the refund.

The bot will continue to ask questions based on your responses. After you have answered all of the questions, you will be contacted by a live agent. If there is no live agent available, the chatbot will provide you with a Support ID number that you must remember until you can speak with a live agent.

You should be eligible for a full refund if a game meets the requirements. It is not as simple as some refund policies, such as those offered by Xbox or Amazon, but it is the only option for a PlayStation Store purchase.

Make sure you have your PSN ID and email address associated with the account, your date of birth, and the game name you want to be refunded ready. PlayStation will usually refund the money to the original payment method. However, there are a few payment methods that do not allow this.

Now the next thought that would bother you is can you refund games on ps4 directly to the payment method you used during the purchasing process of the game? The answer is yes. However, if that payment option is unavailable, you will be given PSN store credit in your wallet. 

Sony’s refund policy was given a facelift when the company prohibited other online retailers from selling digital game codes, leaving PlayStation as the only storefront selling digital games on PS4 & PS5 (not including downloadable content expansions). If you have already purchased some of the best PS4 and PS5 games, you should not need to request a refund PS4 game, but you never know.

A few words of caution. 

If you can’t get a refund ps4 game from the PlayStation Store, you can request a chargeback on your credit card. Do not attempt this. This will result in the suspension of your account and the loss of all digital content.

End Note:

In an ideal world, PlayStation would follow Steam’s refund policy. You have 14 days to return a game if you play for less than two hours. This, unfortunately, is not the case. Be cautious about what you buy. Read reviews before purchasing, and request refunds as infrequently as possible. The fewer refunds you have requested, the more likely PlayStation Store representatives are to assist you.

Apart from that, if you buy in-game consumables on the PlayStationTMStore, they will be delivered when you restart the game. If you buy in-game consumables while playing, they will be delivered immediately and you will be unable to cancel the purchase. In-game consumables include virtual currencies (for example, GTA Cash Packs or FIFA), boosts, and other items that deplete during gameplay.

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