How to Make your Phone Last Longer (10 Tips and Tricks)

Let’s look into the ten tips and tricks to know how to keep your phone on longer and how to make your phone last for years

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We consume major parts of our lives and daily routines on our mobile phones. Whether for work or enjoyment, we are inside or outside our homes; we need our mobile phones. Care should also be taken seriously when the usage capacity is enormous. When smartphones are the only choice for every other person, they require much more care when handled correctly. Many people prefer to charge their phones yearly, but that idea is not pocket-friendly for many others, so it’s better to look after your phones in a way that they can last longer. Let’s look into the ten tips and tricks to know how to keep your phone on longer and how to make your phone last for years without creating severe issues, so you don’t have to invest in mobile phones again and again.

1.  Don’t skip app updates

The most important thing to make your phone’s work last longer is never to ignore the updates. To make phones fast, updated, and secure, you need to upgrade your operating systems and third-party applications. These updates not only update the current OS but also remove the bugs, fix security issues and bring new features to improve the phone’s performance. Android and iOS both operate automatic app updates. If it’s not happening, you have to make it default from the settings.

2.  Deleting unused applications

Our new mobile phones have so much storage that they make us install all our favorite apps from time to time. But there would be many applications on your mobile phones that you are not using now or don’t need to use anyway. It’s better to keep your mobile phones clean by deleting unnecessary or unused applications. Deleting unwanted apps makes your mobile phones last longer and light to run and function properly without being hung. 

3.  Get a good case:

Smartphone requires little extra care when it comes to their lightweight body. As beautiful things require more maintenance, so do our mobile phones. An excellent cover can be a lifesaver for your mobile. No need to hide the beauty of your mobile phones with great shape covers, but you can use transparent ones as it’s better not to use anything than a nice protectable cover. The right choice can save your phone from breaking and cracking.

4.  Keep the screen and ports clean

A clean, shiny phone is everything we all want. Even if you use an excellent cover, you must take some time and clean the dirt and dust that makes their homes inside the charging, handsfree ports, microphone, and speaker areas. You can use the toothpicks for that purpose but do it delicately, so it doesn’t affect any parts or use the wipes to clean the screen, camera, and back cover. Your mobile phone should look nice and clean on which you have spent so many dollars buying.

5.  Maintain your Phone Battery Life

You do so many harmful things to your mobile phone’s battery that you don’t even realize. So if you want to make your battery life stay the way it is for the first day, you must ignore some of the major mistakes. Firstly, ensure you charge your mobile phone before it is completely dead or drops to 0. It seriously affects your battery life and damages its whole life span. The second thing is overcharging your mobile phones. We all preferred to charge our phones at night before sleeping, and they stayed on charge the whole night till morning. Overcharging your battery destroys the battery life and makes it less practical for you to run for a long time. Ensure you keep an eye while putting your mobile phone on charge and unplug it instantly when it’s fully charged. Also, always charge your phone when necessary if the battery percentage drops to 20, then it’s the case to charge it, but no need to put it on a charge if you are not using it and its battery is still 80 to 90. The third thing is always to use the original charger. Off wifi and Bluetooth while charging or in case you are not using the internet, or lower the screen brightness to increase the chances of battery’s long life.

Don’t leave your phone out directly in the sunlight if you sit outside. It makes your phone’s battery hot and unfunctional to decrease its life span.

6.  Keep Backing Up Phone

Do a regular backup of your mobile phones; this way, you can decrease the burden of storing your mobile phone and OS to make it more effective, fast, and bug-free. Doing this can also help you in the future when you plan to switch to a new mobile phone.

7.  Eject water or dust from speaker

Consider it a myth that putting your mobile phones in rice to dry is an effective way to rinse the water if in case you dropped your mobile phone in the water or it has some dust in it. The correct way to dry and clean the speaker is to download the application available for iOS and android that plays a special sound to squeeze all the water and dust from the speaker and make it all clean. You can do that regularly.

8.  Clear Caches

Make a habit of cleaning the cache so it can make up space in the memory for some other important stuff. It also makes your phones work efficiently, ensuring the phone life lasts longer.

9.  Avoid fitness armbands with your mobile phones

Don’t use your phones with fitness armbands while doing your daily fitness or gym activities. The heat and sweat destroy the phones. It makes the phone overheated, and sweat might go into the charging ports and damage the hardware and internal system of the phone.

10.              Don’t use car pads

Non-slip dash mats and pads used in your cars are not guaranteed that your phones are safe and they will not fall. They can easily get damaged if you speed up and destroy your phones completely. So make sure you are not fully relying on them and take extra care while using these gadgets.


If you treat your phones rightly with care, they will stay with you until the date you want. Just think about the day you bought your special phone and try to give it as much importance and treat it well. That’s the only way to avoid mishap and keep it running for years. By fulfilling all the above points, you can prevent any big loose.

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