How to make money from NFTs (A Complete Step by Step Guide)

keep your art game strong with a revolutionary NFT marketplace, As it is said, art speaks where words are unable to explain.

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The Revolution of NFT is increasing with each passing day and especially the youngsters are eager to know not only the meaning but the purpose and its market to keep them fit in it. Now when there are so many blogs revolving around what NFT is all about, many people built their interest to know what opportunities it has for the artists in Pakistan who want to earn through it and love to make NFT art.

Hundreds of professional digital artists lead the NFT world with their insane artwork and inspire real buyers to invest in their art. Many art-loving people there crazily want to invest in exceptional digital artwork because they value art. But yet, in Pakistan, there are numerous amazing digital artists who are clueless about NFT art and don’t know the whole procedure to start selling their outstanding talent.

This blog is the complete guidelines for all the Pakistani digital artists who seriously want to start selling their masterpieces in the NFT marketplace and start their successful journey.

There are tons of websites where you can sell your art but precautions are necessary before choosing the right platform. Some of the major market where NFT art in Pakistan can be sold.

The Top platforms are:

  • Opensea
  • Rarible
  • Superrare

Now there are considerably five major steps that can be followed to sell the NFT art.


1.    Create your web3 wallet

You need to create a wallet to sell your digital work, As, NFTs are blockchain-based assets and therefore it has no actual cash involved so you need to have a wallet to sell, and receive the crypto payment. Also, for paying the transaction fees your wallet should have cryptocurrency. Ethereum is the most common cryptocurrency and that should be in your wallet with their native currency.

According to the NFT market experts, “use the Metamask wallet extension on Chrome or any other browser you use. The extension authorizes you to link with an NFT marketplace and operate affiliated services directly from your computer’s browser.”

2.    Get some ETH in your wallet

The second major thing is to fill your wallet with ETH. You can fill it with third-party help or directly from any legit platform. But as Cryptocurrency is currently banned in Pakistan, therefore you need some authorized person from the board to get you the legit ETH so you can operate things.

3. Ready Your Artwork

Now the most important thing is the piece of art for sure because that’s the thing your potential buyers will going to see and attracts towards it. It should be the actual form of ‘art’ that is no less than the defined version of uniqueness which never been created before. It could be anything from an image to a video. You can also take inspiration from the different art pieces and try your luck. As Pakistan has been filled with some exceptional artists and the world should have known this now through NFT art. 

4.    Submit your artwork

Once you are ready with the masterpiece you create it will be the time to show it to the world by submitting your artwork. Go to your preferred platform, select the selling tab, and remember that your wallet is filled.

5.    Keep the Momentum

If you are creating an account on OpenSea it will ask you to add your social media handles so you can interlink your work with your community as well. With this approach, more people will see your exceptionally presentable talent and will know what artwork you are producing and how worthful it is to grab the world’s attention.

So keep your art game strong and spread your words of art with a revolutionary NFT marketplace, As it is said, art speaks where words are unable to explain.

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