8 Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

achieve your goal of getting more and more subscribers on youtube. This article will simplify your problems.

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If you are an extrovert or introvert, but you want to show your talent on others’ screens with or without showing your face, so YouTube is the best platform for it. This is the most popular platform, which has 2.1billion active users worldwide.

But this may be challenging for you. As YouTube requires a good amount of engagement from people. YouTube gives many gifts and pays them after completing a specific watch time. After covid, people enjoy having their own zone. They mostly want their “Me time” on YouTube, discovering different places, foods, and history. There is a wide range of niches in which YouTube has channels. Each slot has more than 200 same channels. 

This is the best opportunity for you to rank your skills and earn passive income through YouTube. You might feel like you need clarification about how you will increase your watch time and subscribers on YouTube. 


Don’t worry… 


Here are some small steps you need to follow to achieve a milestone of your golden and silver play button with a handsome income. 







Content is the main pain point of your channel if you hit that with low-engaging content. You will never get more audience. Now you may wonder what makes your content better. So here we will guide you to make your content more engaging.

Hooks are essential at the start of you. It should be catchy to attract your audience.


Example: Food and Home Decorating, Target Audience:


Before starting the youtube channel, you need to target your audience by selecting a specific niche. The niche in which you are best. If you have the best experience in cooking and you can guide about home & Decor, this is the best niche. 

When you are clear about your niche, you will have more content, and people will watch you as an expert in that niche.

Likewise, if you are good at writing on any subject, so you can start teaching any subject or course through your youtube channel.


Planning Before start:


Before starting your video, whether it’s two minutes video or ten minutes video, prepare your script and then start to avoid any glitches.


Visuals In Content:


Graphics work as a spark in your content. People attract to good visuals. If you use good visuals in your content, your video will be more watched video. But don’t worry if you are a newbie who doesn’t have any know-how about visuals and graphics, so here we are providing you with a video for your help. 


 Optimization Of Your Content:

Only content is not a way to get more subscribers on youtube. Your content optimization is also essential.

You can optimize your content through TITLE and DESCRIPTION. This is very important to have the best keywords in your description and title.

Here we have the best SEO tools suggestions for you. You will find these tools helpful to run your business more efficiently.

Upload Videos frequently:

Whenever you get your channel subscribed to by people, they get a notification when you upload a video. So, when you upload videos frequently, there will be more chances that you will have more viewers. 

Create High-Quality Videos:

Creating a high-quality video with good graphics is a plus point, but there is another point to be highlighted. Your video should be short and less time-consuming as people only have more time to watch 15-20 min long videos until or unless it’s any course. 

There is a criterion for videos timing:

Videos                         Timing

Course                    25-30 minutes

Daily Vlogs             8-10 minutes

Exploring Vlogs     10-12 minutes

Cooking Vlogs        10-15 minutes

Now you will better understand the video strategy.

Subscriber Watermark into Your Video

 This is a more crucial part of your video. You can remind people about subscriptions through the watermark.

This is the best way to get more subscribers through a watermark on your video. 

Promote videos on other platforms:

If you know digital marketing, you must have the idea that promoting the same content on different platforms can increase the optimization of your content, and you will capture a big market.


You can put reels of your content on Instagram.


You can reach most of the audience through TikTok.


Putting more posts on Facebook can attract people toward your content.


Now you can achieve your goal of getting more and more subscribers on youtube. This article will simplify your problems. This is not rocket science to get more subscribers. You can start your youtube channel after making some small efforts. You need to be an excellent learner to understand all the factors to rank on youtube. Be straightforward and natural in your videos. The audience attracts to the real things.

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