How to Get Dark Mode on TikTok with Android

here’s how to get dark mode on tiktok android as dark mode is a features in modern devices and has been introduced by many applications now.

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Undoubtedly, dark mode is one of the aesthetic new features in most modern devices and has been introduced by many applications now. It minimizes the strain on your eyes, so you can easily spend more time while working or enjoying online content. However, many applications still do not support this feature till now. But the users of those applications would eagerly want to have their app interface in dark mode. 

TikTok was also one of these applications. Although the feature is still not fully functional on most operating systems or devices, it is slowly incorporating into the app now. If you are also one of those dark mode lovers searching for ways of ‘how to make Tiktok dark mode’ on your mobile phones, especially on Android, you are at the right place.

Some of the basic steps that can enable the dark mode on TikTok.

How to get dark mode on TikTok Android:

Recently, a dark mode on TikTok was introduced for iOS users first, and many android users were so unhappy when they got this feature. So now the wait is over for them. Because finally, dark mode on TikTok has been integrated for Android users. There are some steps to get this feature activated on your devices.

To turn on the dark mode on your android devices:

  1. Go into the TikTok app
  2. Tap your Profile in the bottom right.
  3. Tap on the 3-line icon to go to your settings.
  4. Tap to Settings and then Privacy.
  5. Tap on Dark mode.
  6. Tap on the circle icon under the dark mode feature to turn it on and off.

You can also match your device color theme to the TikTok appearance through settings. This way, when you change the theme appearance of your device, your TikTok app will automatically adjust its theme to match those settings.

To match your device’s settings:

  1. Go to your TikTok app.
  2. Tap to your Profile in the bottom right.
  3. Tap on the 3-line icon in the top right of your Profile to go to the settings.
  4. Tap on the Settings and then on Privacy.
  5. Tap on the Dark mode.
  6. Tap the toggle button next to ‘Use device settings’ to turn on the device’s display settings to your TikTok display.

However, you can also use a third-party app to enable this feature and run TikTok in the dark mode. It’s a straightforward method; the only thing you require is downloading the “Twilight app” and running it on your android device. It will change the color temperature of your app screen to make it easier for your eyes.


Here is more information regarding TikTok and Dark Mode.

Will Dark Mode change the way videos look?

No, it will give a dark background with the light text color. It doesn’t change the overall look of your videos.

How to get dark mode on TikTok android?

You can apply some steps through the settings to enable a dark mode on TikTok.

Does dark mode look better in the application?

Dark mode helps decrease eye strain for people who spend most of their time using mobile phones and watching online content. However, no theory has been approved that distinguishes the benefit of dark mode until now. Some people spend a lot of time staring at screens.

Which is a more suitable dark mode or normal mode?

Some people say it’s more convenient to read the text in dark mode, and it helps them with eye strain.

What are the drawbacks of a dark mode?

Dark mode themes are not always better for your eye strain. The text appears washed out in bright light conditions, increasing eye fatigue. Long pieces of content or text are more challenging to read in Dark Mode.

Why is the dark theme so popular?

Because it has a better visual appeal, images, icons, text, and other elements pop out better to the contrast and help in underlining the information and matter portrayed on your screen.


Going Dark with TikTok:

We are hopeful that this blog helped you learn how to make your TikTok dark mode on your android devices. This is the most wanted feature for most people, as they want to have their mobile device and all its applications darkened for better visuals. At the same time, they face some hurdles while enabling these features because every app has a different method to allow that, and most applications still don’t support this feature. But this blog will hopefully help all of you make your desired interface easily accessible now. With this aesthetic mode, you can now easily enjoy all the exciting content without worrying about straining your eyes in the dark.

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