How to find out who hacked your cell phone and fix within minutes

If you want to know about the hacker, you need to take help from a cyber expert and follow the steps to un hack your phone

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Cell Phone Hacking:

We can’t deny the importance of mobile phones in our daily lives. The frequencies on which cell phones work are called radio frequencies. It ultimately enables us to communicate and eliminate the distance within no time. Our cell phones help us share, coordinate, and exchange data worldwide just in the blink of an eye. We can quickly transfer our data via emails and different other mediums. The need to physically be present at a place to fix your problems is just obsolete; you can exchange or transact money, book tickets online, and not being worried about the short of time.

According to the latest survey, a total amount of $2 trillion transactions will be made in the year 2024 via mobile applications. 

All the usage as mentioned above of our cell phone hence putting our privacy at risk for example whenever we opted mobile for a downloading purpose, it asked for a set of information from the user either we wished to deliver it or not, the consumer is bound to share its data like cell number or CNIC number. Thus making our cell phones prone to hacking.

From where it starts:

Most of the time, hacking of a system occurs by sending malformed files such as unauthorized email or any corrupt file which attract the user to click on it. Hackers usually get access to a cell phone for their benefit or sometimes for a blackmailing purpose. 

Ways Of Hacking:

Hackers are well-trained individuals, very well known for the hacking codes for their hostile purpose.

They use different ways for this:

  • Hacking via SMS.
  • Bluetooth device hacking.
  • Malevolent website.
  • Coded application.

The most technical way of attacking someone’s privacy is with SMS. Hackers will send you interrupted codes so they can penetrate the device. On average, the hackers can send almost 10,000 hacking SMS to a user simultaneously.


Mobile Banking And Hacking:

Most of the time, hackers aim to exploit android phones because of their weak architecture. Cyber security experts mentioned that mostly mobile banking had become the cause of mobile hacking. When the user is given access to their account details, it becomes easier for the hacker to manifest his cause and gets whatever he wants.

In the extreme picture of this hacking ecosystem, the hackers can even get access to the phone camera of a victim without even knowing about the process.


Signs Your Phone Has Been Hacked:

In the modern era, privacy has not existed due to the vulnerable nature of apps and over-downloading materials.

Hackers usually use phishing methods to penetrate through infiltrated Bluetooth we primarily use in public places.

You may want to know how I can find my hacker or who’s hacking my phone? But most importantly, you should know the signs first. Like:

  • Pop-up ads may disturb you a lot during a conversation or a running video. One should never click on them to open such ads with no authorization.
  • You may get calls and messages from unrecognizable numbers.
  • If your phone has been hacked, you may feel that your phone’s data usage has increased.
  • The overall performance of your cell phone has deteriorated and got poor.
  • Due to increasing data usage and lower performance, the overall battery timing gets shorter; this is the first sign you can observe.
  • If you feel suspicious activity on your phone, like in wanted apps that you didn’t download on your own.
  • The cell phone mostly gets hot after you use it.
  • The sensitivity of your phone is not there because it has been hacked, and whenever you tend to browse, you get redirected to some other unwanted sites.
  • We all live in a world of social media, and most of the time, giving access to our personal information is essential, thus putting our cell phones at greater risk. Any suspicious activity on behalf of your name and from your account should be considered immediately.

The signs mentioned above must be the alarming signals that your device has been hacked, and you must fix it as soon as possible.

What Should You Do If Your Phone Is Hacked:

After reading the above detail, you must be aware of how your mobile presents when it’s get hacked; after confirmation, you may need help from an expert, or you must be asking in your head how you can find who hacked your cell phone or what will be the code to unhack my phone. When you observe any suspicious activity on your phone, you have a malicious hacker behind the scene; it’s essential to know who they may be, but most importantly, you have to free your phone first and as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

What to dial to see if your phone is hacked:

  • If you are looking forward to the steps to un hack your phone, you should start with running anti-virus software.
  • After cleaning your device, you should change your password.
  • Unwanted or unauthorized apps should be deleted.
  • If you want to know the code to check if the phone is hacked, you should dial USSD code *#06#, which helps to identify whether your cell has been directed to another phone or not.
  • ##002# is the code to see if the phone is hacked and redirected by removing all the commands.
  • If you want to know about the hacker, you need to take help from a cyber expert, and they will find your hacker within no time because of the diversity in their resources.
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