What is Cross Linking in SEO? 6 Steps Guide in 2022

Cross-linking SEO of websites is a strategy that can boost your search presence and help you grow further.

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SEO is the most effective way to get higher chances of being recognized through a search engine. But many different concepts and procedures are linked to it that can be beneficial and important. One of them is Cross Linking. Cross Linking is the most appropriate and easiest way to get a higher search ranking with the help of different domains owned by you. Search engines value those links that are coming from the relevant, niche-related site with optimized content; that’s the number one thing to get noticed and increase your chance to be ranked. And that’s what cross-linking do. It gives a better option for your web pages to get the required ranking for specific keywords. Cross linking SEO is simply the method of linking with those relevant pages that have similar keywords in their content. This technique eventually helps to create and increase the authority of pages on the Website. It allows more visitors to get easy access to the related keywords and content that helps them stay on your Website until they find their desired solution in the content. These cross link SEO factors help to have more significant search engine rankings for the Website on related keywords.

How It Works

To start with, the most common technique for cross linking SEO is footer or sidebar links, along with deep linking in content. Also, if you have links from the pages and domains containing keywords like yours, this works best with search engines. So the best way to get a higher ranking and search engine visibility are to focus on related or relevant content sites with similar keywords that will eventually benefit you and your domain.


These are the steps to have a proper cross-linking technique fully followed and get more visibility, traffic, and search scores. This strategy will surely help you in the indexing and improvement to generate more leads.




1.   Long Tail Keywords:

Long tail keywords are the essential factor in getting recognizable search volume, the keywords related to your niche that will make you appear when your target audience search. Long tail keywords decrease the chances of competition as it generally designed and constructed for your business by you. That can’t be copied easily and reduces competitors’ chances of appearing on that keyword.


2.   Offer Around That Keyword:

Create an offer around your keyword. That could be anything like an eBook; some sought checklist, or any downloadable content. You can make your keyword into a clickable link that leads your visitors to your website, page or blog that specifies the need and opportunity for your audience in a better way.


3.   Create a Lead Capture Form:

It is essential to place your downloadable content linked with a lead capture form that generates a simple requesting information form such as first name and email address. This will help you analyze your results and track the leads to capture them for further marketing follow-ups.


4.   Link the “Most Viewed Pages” on your Website to your Offer Page:

You have to analyze which pages on your website are getting most of the traffic. Now you need to add those links to your offers within those pages. So you can get the most valuable leads on lower traffic pages through the higher traffic pages with cross linking websites approach. That will increase the traffic on your lower searched pages.

5.   Use Keywords in the Hyperlinks:

When you set up links on your pages, try to link directly from the keywords to make them clickable and more prominent. Avoid using the ‘Click here’ or ‘Here you go’ type of phrases rather than your keywords. Using an appropriate keyword in your hyperlink is very important. That indicates what your content is all about and on which keyword you want to be ranked. It also helps search engines better read this anchor text and related words to determine how your links and pages should be indexed.


6.   Putting it into action:

Always test your new strategies before fully relaying and implementing them into your work. Start with only one downloadable offer and relevant keyword phrase at a time to analyze how the procedure works. Many businesses and people make this basic mistake: to have an instant win, they overload everything, every strategy, tactic, and keyword. That makes the search results worst. Be consistent and concentrate on linking to one page at a time. Keep reviewing analytics to see how useful the technique goes, and don’t exaggerate it. Because at the end of the day, you have to take care of your leads and traffic on your website to have some relevant information, not only a search engine.

Ending Note:

To rank your websites well on search engines, you must choose the proper technique that converts into success. SEO crosslinking is a strategy that can boost your search presence and help you grow further. You need to focus on the right path to get the best experience.



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