10 Must-Have Chrome Browser Extensions To Stay Productive

These Google Chrome browser extensions undoubtedly increase productivity for many tasks by giving massive variety in the browser.

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Google Chrome is one of the most used and famous browsers. It has millions of users daily. One of its many valuable aspects is that it has thousands of extensions available, which can be readily available and downloaded. These Google Chrome browser extensions undoubtedly increase productivity and reduce the searching time for many tasks by giving massive variety in the browser. But, when there are many options available, you may be got confused about which ones are the best, or maybe you are unaware of many of the functional extensions which can make your life easy. So this blog is undoubtedly for you in which we have gathered some of the best chrome extensions for you.

  1. Proctorio Chrome Extension
  2. Honorlock Chrome Extension
  3. Oberlo Chrome Extension
  4. Rolex Chrome Extension
  5. Auto-refresh Chrome Extension
  6. Zoominfo Chrome Extension
  7. Zeedrop Chrome Extension
  8. Dashlane Chrome Extension
  9. Google Translate Chrome Extension
  10. Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Proctorio Chrome Extension:

The most helpful extension for the teacher community is Proctoria Chrome Extension. Most of the institutes are now taking exams through the computer system. The procroria chrome extension ensures that exam integrity has been appropriately handled; during the exam period, this extension locks down many of the functionalities in the computer. It locked down the used browser and disabled the new browser, and disabled all the features of copy and pasting from the mouse, keyboard, and clipboard. Also, it clears the cache to not to face any redistribution of exam materials.

Honorlock Chrome Extension

Honorlock chrome extension is also one of the acknowledged remote test-taking extensions that propose a secure and easy way to take proctored exams for students. It can be used on the desktop and the laptop with a microphone and webcam integration, necessary for significant exams. Many instructors also use Honorlock chrome extension, which helps them create a trustworthy, proper test-taking environment online, where students can present their independent learning.

Oberlo Chrome Extension

For all those who want to start with their dropshipping career AliExpress, this Oberlo chrome extension is for you. It is a free automation tool to run a dropshipping business more efficiently. You need to add this extension in your chrome browser to drop-ship products directly from AliExpress.

Rolex Chrome Extension

This particular roblex chrome extension is specially designed for the roblex users to enhance their website by giving a more modifying look and adding an advanced feature in it through this extension.

Auto-refresh Chrome Extension

Auto-refresh chrome extension is the most valuable and handy extension for freelancers especially. Many new projects are posted on these platforms every second, and it’s so challenging to reload the page while focusing. This extension helps to reload the page after some seconds, which you can set on your own to keep the page updated.

Zoominfo Chrome Extension

ZoomInfo chrome extension can be used to engage with multi-channel campaigns, email templates, and sales dialer. This Chrome Extension allows you to create and schedule multi-channel campaigns with Salesflows, Leverage email templates, and Call lists of prospects using its auto-dialing feature.

Zeedrop Chrome Extension

The ZeeDrop Chrome Extension is the easiest way to copy all your details through one click from one place to paste on the different marketplace, social media handles, affiliate marketing sites, Wix, Shopify, and any other website easily without transferring from one place to another again and again. See drop chrome extension copies of all the essential details from your marketplace like your title, product description, product images, product prices, and any other element in 1 second. Then, paste it into the Facebook marketplace or Etsy, or Wix.

Dashlane Chrome Extension

Dashlane chrome extension is the safest and most trustable extension for many people when saving passwords. It holds all your passwords; past forms filled data to keep it safe and accessible whenever needed to save time. Google Translate Chrome Extension.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

In the world of online business where Amazon and Walmart lead the markets. Helium 10 Chrome Extension provides influential product research, competition analytics, and other opportunities. It will help you decide your product niche and give all the relevant data and competition stats to further your decision.

Google Translate Chrome Extension

The most used and effective extension is Google translate chrome extension. It gives you the translation in all the languages from English and your country’s language to English. It assists you in pronouncing the words in all accents correctly. It’s one of the handy extensions for people who have to interact with people in different languages.

These are some of the hundreds of effective chrome extensions that you can use in your daily work by downloading them into your chrome browser to make your work less hectic and proficient. These powerful extension will save your time and make your more productive.

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