The Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

we are making things easier for you with this blog which will list the best RGB keyboard color schemes on the market today!

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If you’ve ever tried to pick an RGB color scheme for your PC, you know how difficult and daunting a task it can be. Finding the perfect balance of colors that would look good in every situation is complex. 

But now, we are making things easier for you with this blog which will list what we believe are the best RGB keyboard color schemes on the market today! This way, you just need to pick a set and get going. No more picking apart different colors and seeing which ones work best together.

What is an RGB keyboard?

Keyboards come in all shapes, sizes, and brands. The keyboards common on various laptops and PCs come from various manufacturers, each with features designed to meet their needs. Some are designed to be sleek and small, others have a lot of extra keys (G keys), and others are made for fast typists. The list goes on.

But in this article, we’re specifically looking at keyboards that support RGB backlighting. This means that each key is individually lit up, allowing you to customize the lighting scheme to whatever you want. Because of this, some RGB keyboards tend to be pricier than normal ones.

RGB color schemes differ depending on the manufacturer, as some keyboards have built-in settings while others allow for customization. The keyboard supports two types of color customizations. The first is the keycap color scheme, and the second is the RGB lighting scheme. Let’s go over each detail one by one.

These are our picks for the best color schemes for your keyboard. They are in no particular order. Enjoy!

  1. Color Scheme for Keycaps

As more manufacturers offer mechanical switches with replaceable keycaps, setting up different keycap schemes is not a new trend. You can remove the keys with a keycap puller and rearrange the layout.

  1. Color Schemes for RGB Keyboards

Kono and Originative are two well-known retailers that stock a wide range for your next best RGB keyboard color schemes adventure. 

After macros and key binding, the RGB lighting color scheme is the second most popular keyboard customization gamers do these days. These RGB lightings are either built-in with a pre-set effect or have a partial or full-color customization range.

Each has advantages, but fully customizable RGB lighting is best for gamers to customize their gaming experience.

§  Built-In RGB Lighting Scheme

The built-in RGB color schemes are most common in the keyboard at a low price. These keyboards have limited RGB customization options, and you can only change specific effects.

Ripple, rainbow, fade, wave, and single-color effects are the most common RGB customizations. Keys on the keyboard can be used only to switch between pre-set effects. The disadvantage of these keyboards is the lack of full customization that most gamers require. 

§   Customized RGB Lighting Scheme 

The custom RGB lighting scheme includes both simple and custom color schemes. It is up to you to decide what you want to see in your setup. Depending on your priorities, each lighting effect is extremely appealing and provides a good combo for other RGB peripherals.

  • One Color Scheme

Single colors are the best RGB keyboard color schemes if you do not like multiple color combinations for the keyboard backlighting.

Here are some popular single-color schemes for desks and other accessories that you can match with your existing RGB setup.

  1. Red

If your setup is red, you probably don’t want to experiment with other colors for the keyboard lighting scheme.

There are some drawbacks to the color red, which is associated with anger. Because blue is not the most relaxing color in the world, it will not give you the same relaxing vibes.

  1. Blue

Going all blue for the keyboard adds a delicate touch with a slight spaceship vibe. Furthermore, the blue color appears to be cooler. It is one of the best cool keyboard color schemes to go for.

  1. Green

For the most part, the green color is most popular cool keyboard color schemes. You can work all day with the green keyboard scheme because it provides a relaxing theme for working and gaming for long periods.

  1. Purple

Purple is not a color that most gamers prefer when used as a single-color scheme. It has the appearance of galaxies and nebulae. Purple’s various appearances earn it a special place in the gaming community. It is not a standard color because it is not frequently encountered.

  • Custom Color Scheme

The best RGB keyboard color schemes are custom color schemes because they allow for more customization. 

Gamers are easily bored with a simple color layout, so getting a color pattern of different types can spice things up for the RGB lighting on the keyboard. Here are some of the best custom color schemes for your keyboard.

  1. Absolute 0

It is a well-known RGB lighting scheme with neon lighting.

  1. Checkers

It is available in black and yellow. The color scheme overlapping creates a checker effect.

Every time you press a key, a random checker pattern appears, ready for your gaze.

  1. Rainbow Madness 

The rainbow color scheme modifier causes the ripple effect. The ripple begins in the form of waves across the keyboard whenever you press a key.

  1. The Diamond Thing

When you press the key, a diamond shape effect appears as a pleasing pattern to the eyes.

  1. Don’t Know

As the name implies, a random effect provides a glimpse of randomness with a cool appearance. This effect has two waves that overlap, creating a cool keyboard color schemes but wavy effect for a gaming keyboard.

  1. The Red-Black Effect

It’s a fantastic effect with red flashing keys. A white color effect appears when you press the key, adding a unique look to the fun.

  1. Scorching zero

It’s a fantastic choice that looks like a combination of fire and ice. The red on the left side represents fire, while the blue color on the right represents ice.


As we now have all the best RGB keyboard color schemes in a list, it is your sign to get your hands on one to add sparkle to your old boring PC.

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