Auto Clicker For Chromebook: A Complete Guide

An auto clicker Chromebook is the prominent accessibility feature to help give the rest to fingers from constant clicking

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Using a mouse and laptop touchpad constantly while working is the biggest issue when you are doing some monotonous clicking tasks. An auto clicker Chromebook is the prominent accessibility feature to help give the rest to fingers from constant clicking. It also helps to increase the click per second with its efficient working. As its name indicates, it automatically clicks on your desired button, toggle, and menu wherever you want. It has an actionable UI element that detects the drag of the cursor and clicks automatically.

It’s designed for the touchpad and mouse of your devices to allow you to click and scroll quickly by just pointing to the object from your cursor that you want to be pressed or a direction where you want to scroll. It can be used on different operating systems, including Windows, Mac computers, laptops, and Chromebook, to enable chromebook auto clicker to artificially click your mouse without you having to do it yourself. You can also change the speed of its clicks to be faster than a normal human being can click, or you can set a gap between the clicks. You can also select the spread size of the click along with the synchronization in which you want this action of clicking to be carried out.

Auto clicker is effectively useful for many different scenarios. This can be helpful, especially in gaming, where repetitive clicking tasks are required, and speed matters a lot. This great feature is also beneficial for people diagnosed with motor impairments. It’s a disease where a person has lost control of their muscles and performs actions without their will. It is also helpful for gaming purposes.

Autoclicker for chromebook OS is easily available, but you can also use it on other operating systems like Windows and Mac OS. There would be different steps to enable it on various OS. We will discuss how to enable it in Chrome.

How to Get Auto Clicker on Chromebook

There are many five steps through which you can enable the fast auto clicker for Chromebook feature into your Chromebook:


1.    Firstly you need to open the ‘Settings’ panel in your screens button right corner.

2.    After entering the setting, you need to click on ‘Advanced’ to expand the menu to have more options. From the options in the menu, click on the ‘Accessibility.’

3.    After that, click on “Manage accessibility features” in the screen’s right panel.

4.    You will find the “Mouse and touchpad” section in the accessibility features. Once you find it, click on the toggle and turn it on to “Automatically click when the cursor stops. ” This will enable auto clicks on your Chromebook.

5.    Now, close the screens and come on the main UI. Once you move the cursor to any actionable element and stop, it will perform the auto-clicking feature on your desired element.

How to Customize Auto Clicker in Chrome OS

You can also customize your auto clicker as per your ease and want. Here’s how it works:

1.    A floating menu will appear on your screen when you enable the feature. Here you can choose what click you want. There are different types of clicks like Left-click, Right-click, Double-click, Click and drag, Scroll, and Toggle menu positions for the automatic clicks.

2.    On the Accessibility Settings page, you can also set the delay time for your mouse click.

3.    Delay time and other features are:

●     Delay before click: Set up the delay between clicks. The delay ranges from 0.6 to 4 seconds.

●     Stabilize click location: Maintain your fixed position by setting a stable click location.

●     Revert to left-click after action: The function will automatically move back to left-click after right-click/double click.

●     Movement threshold: To adjust the size of your ring so that you can click objects within a specific range

Steps to Turn Off Automatic Clicks in Chromebook:

You can easily disable this feature from your Chromebook as well. Following the same enable-feature steps, you will find the turn-off button under ‘Manage accessibility features.’ Where you can disable the “Automatically click when the cursor stops” toggle.


Can we get free auto clicker for chromebook?

Yes, almost many auto clickers softwares are free.

How to get fast auto clicker on chromebook?

By following the simple 5 steps that you can find in this blog.

Auto clicker for chromebook download is available?

Yes, you can easily download it free and use it on your different type of OS.


This impressive and valuable feature is undoubtedly beneficial and can make things easy for you. Though beware that if you’re using them on online servers, you might get banned for being a cheat. But other than that, this Chromebook auto clicker feature will be helpful for you if you follow the above share steps rightly and add this to your system.


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