Apple launches its own ‘buy now, pay later’ service in Apple Pay

Apple has always been in the limelight with its new inventions, Apple recently introduced the apple buy now pay later feature.

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Apple has always been in the limelight with its new inventions, series of mobiles, apple charger, and many more. And now, to maintain its record-breaking habit, it recently introduced the ‘apple buy now pay later feature embedded in the company’s payment platform. It will allow buyers to split their product purchase into separate payable equal portions to pay each of the split amounts later.

This fantastic concept lets the buyer pay the amount of their purchase in pieces. So that every person who wishes to have an iPhone can own it. Through the buy now pay later built-in feature coming in apple pay ios 16, you can split the purchase into four equal parts of payments that can prolong to six weeks with no additional interest rate or extra fees. The user will be able to pay the upfront payment and split the other three in every two weeks payment plan.

While making a purchase, users get an option in the Apple pay to split the cost; it will show the complete breakdown of how much you need to pay next and when it’s due. In addition to this service, Apple Pay also integrated the intelligent order tracking system for purchases, giving users access to their order details and arrival.

The company said, “Through Apple pay, user can easily track, view and repayable payments within the wallet. User can apply in it while checking out from the purchase procedure or in wallet”.

For qualifying the buy now pay later service plan, Apple will most likely do the basic credit check of the user account. It doesn’t impact your credit or account from the wallet. But the negative balance in your wallet can affect your credit and BPLN plan.

Apple pays later service will use the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. as its official partner for the Apple credit card, and this service will also use it. To lend the loans needed for the installment offerings plan for users. Apple Inc., with this new service, helps the customers to have all their favorite apple products and pay in the installment over time, through the “buy now, pay later” giving the popularized access to the services to the sources Goldman apple pay affirm from Affirm Holdings Inc. and PayPal Holdings Inc.

This ‘buys now pay later’ survive using the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. plan and integrates it in the official apple site as the lender for the loans provided to those who need it for the installment in their payments.

How to buy an apple charger and pay later with this new service:

Through your apple pay account, you can easily buy any product, either its mobile phones, MacBook, apple charge, or any other device, with the benefit of the split-able bill feature.


Does the apple watch buy now pay later service also available?

Yes, buy now pay later service is available on all Apple products.

Does the apple MacBook buy now pay later service also available?

Yes, you can buy MacBook through apple pay and split your purchase.

Does the apple laptop buy now pay later service available?

Yes, an apple laptop can be purchased through the BNPL feature easily.

Are an apple charger best for fast charging?

Almost all the apple charge are supported with fast charging benefits. Especially the iPhone 12 and 13 models also offer MagSafe as a great alternative to Qi wireless charging.

How does apple wireless charge work?

Your iPhone will work with Qi-certified chargers. Qi is an open, universal charging standard manufactured by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

Is the apple wireless charger better than the apple charger wired?

Your wired charger is the best option if you need to level up your battery life. Apple wireless charge speeds increased with time, but not as much as the wired charger speed. Also, apple wireless charges are less efficient and use more energy.

What is the source Goldman Sachs apple affirm?

Apple affirm is a great initiative that Apple accepts, which generally means that now you can buy your favorite apple products at any time without paying the total amount of the product. Instead, you can settle down the installment plan that lets you split your whole amount into equal parts. Apple has introduced this feature with affirm and has now integrated an individual page for paying through affirm and promoting it so more, and more people can use it and buy through it to get the benefit.

Ending Note:

This service helps convert more apple users and convince more users to buy apple products, mobiles, and apple charger to avail of this great benefit. Undoubtedly it’s an excellent way to buy new products. Even many other services introduce this split in the billing system that shows this feature is beneficial and people want it especially.

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