Aesthetic Facetime Icon Missing From Home Screen of IOS users.

One of the most common issues iPhone users face is the aesthetic facetime icon disappearing from their Apple iPhone or iPad home screen

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One of the most common issues iPhone users face is the aesthetic facetime icon disappearing from their Apple iPhone or iPad home screen. The icon disappears, especially after a user upgrades their iPhone to a newer version of the iOS.

Suppose the FaceTime App is missing on your iPhone. In that case, you may start worrying about whether you have accidentally deleted the App or if any third person with access to your iPhone has deleted the FaceTime App. Thankfully, the FaceTime App is a built-in iOS App, and unlike other downloaded Apps, it cannot be deleted from iPhone.

But, there could be other reasons for the disappearance of the facetime icon’s aesthetic white and black logo from the screen. Here we have gathered all the possibilities and their solutions.

Before going into the detailed procedures, ensure that the aesthetic Facetime icon isn’t hiding somewhere in a folder as a subcategory in any of your phone’s folders. Go into each folder, and swipe back and forth between each home screen. Usually, it’s in the “Productivity” folder for some reason. If searching the aesthetic facetime icon in all the folders still leads to nothing, then the second option is that you should reset the home screen icons to their default setting.

Solution 1: Country Restrictions:

Many countries are not supporting the facetime feature in iPhones. There is a list on the official apple site to find those specific countries. The list includes Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and Dubai.

So, if you are in one of the listed countries and have got your iPhone from these countries, you will not find this fantastic aesthetic FaceTime icon on your device. The solution is to buy a new iPhone from another country that supports the Facetime app. 

Solution 2: Enable FaceTime in Restrictions Settings:

Another reason that prevents the Facetime icon from appearing on your devices could be the mobile’s restrictions settings. You have to check this in settings properly to enable both the facetime and camera options on your device. You can follow these steps:

Go to Menu > then Settings > select General > Restrictions and turn the toggles for FaceTime and Camera to the ON position.

Once you have followed the above settings procedure, open the Springboard on your iPhone or iPad and see the FaceTime icon.

Solution 3: Search for FaceTime using Spotlight:

Software issues can also cause the Facetime icon to not appear on your home screen. In such scenarios, you can search for the App using Spotlight.

Open the Spotlight search bar and search for FaceTime. If you see the icon there, you are good to go and follow these steps: Go to the Menu > Settings > Reset and tap on Reset All Settings to make sure the icon appears on your home screen.

Solution 4: Restore the App:

If you or someone has accidentally removed the Facetime app from your iPhone, you cannot find the icon everywhere on the phone by following the above 3 solutions. Then you need to redownload the Facetime application on your iPhone.

By following the simple downloading process: Open the App Store, and search for the Facetime app. Then, click on the download button to begin downloading. The FaceTime app will be on your device’s home screen as soon as the download is completed.

Solution 5: Repair the OS of the iPhone:

If the issue still exists after implementing all the above solutions, you will need to repair the operating system of your device. One reason for missing the Aesthetic FaceTime icon from your iPhones could b the iOS 10 version. If your operating system files get corrupted, it will also cause the Facetime app icon to be missing on iPhone. This can be managed by using a third party available on the Internet. The following steps should be followed: 

– First, you need to install the App on your computer. After that, Launch the ReiBoot App and plug in your iPhone to your computer using a supported cable.

– When the App opens after installation, select “Fix All iOS Stuck” on its main interface, click on “Start,” and follow the wizard to get your device detected.

– Once ReiBoot successfully detects your device, click on the “Download” button to start the downloading firmware package online.

– Once the firmware package is downloaded successfully. Click on “Start Repair” to start the system recovery process.


iPhone users want to have their facetime app available on their phones, and if for some reason they disappear, they start to worry about it. But, by following the above fixes, you will definitely be able to have your aesthetic Facetime icon on your iPhones and ipads.

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